Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Here’s who leaves Mexico engaged

Bachelor in Paradise cast sits at a table
Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 reportedly ends with three engagements. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 only has a few more episodes left. This means couples are going to have to start getting serious about their relationships and whether or not they see a legitimate future with one another. 

As lighthearted as the summer spinoff can be, the ultimate goal of Bachelor in Paradise is for couples to leave the island in an engagement. 

While there’s plenty of couples currently on the island, spoilers sources suggest that only three go the distance and leave Mexico engaged. 

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile make it to the end 

Serena and Joe made one of the quickest connections on the island and have had a fairly drama-free relationship, apart from Joe’s ex Kendall Long showing up to paradise. 

Just recently, Joe and Serena vulnerably shared that they’re falling in love with each other and sealed the deal with a passionate kiss.

It seems that their relationship will stay strong during the remainder of the season because spoilers report that the two get engaged at the end. There have even been certain clues that suggest Serena and Joe are still currently together after BIP wrapped. 

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn get engaged 

Riley and Maurissa also reportedly get engaged in Mexico.

Initially, Maurissa had been connecting with Connor Brennan but she kicked Connor to the curb once Riley arrived in paradise. Ever since their first one-on-one date, Riley and Maurissa’s relationship has been hot and heavy and their physical chemistry has often been on display. 

Riley and Maurissa’s relationship appears like it will go deeper than just the surface in the next few episodes, with previews showing Maurissa comforting Riley while he cries. 

As the couple continues to bond it seems they will eventually decide to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged at the end of the season. According to spoiler sources, Riley and Maurissa are likely still currently together but they’ve been cautious to keep their relationship private while Bachelor in Paradise is still airing.

Kenny Braasch proposes to Mari Pepin 

Kenny and Mari have had plenty of ups and downs during their paradise relationship, but they also always had a chemistry that neither could deny. 

Mari initially tried to put Kenny on standby so she could pursue other relationships, but in a turn of events, Kenny became the most pursued guy on the island which surprised Bachelor in Paradise viewers

After entertaining Demi Burnett and Tia Booth, Kenny eventually found his way back to Mari and the two seem to be happy now that they’ve reconciled. According to the previously mentioned sources, Kenny and Mari’s happiness together evolves into an engagement at the end of the season and it is reported that they are still currently in a relationship. 

While this season of Bachelor in Paradise reportedly has three successful engagements, fans might find that even more BIP couples reunite after leaving paradise. Keep tuning in to see how all the casts’ love stories unfold. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Very few individuals ever come out of this process & really fall in love. But if they do I applaud them. And if they can stay married for 43 years I would dance on the beach for them.

1 year ago

I am so happy for Joe and Serena, I knew they would be engaged at the end, but told no one, I saw something about that awhile back. I am so delighted for Maurissa, and Riley, she loves him so very much, he loves her but is working out childhood issues. I hope his Mother love her,a beautiful sweet girl. These two are in love so much with each other. Mari good luck, I was not sure about this relationship. I sure expected a couple more engagements, this was a hot Bachelor in Paradise, they needed a little more time. I was eventful. So stick in there Riley, with some therapy and your Mother, it will all work out. Be patient Marurissa. Make some beautiful babies, Riley and Maurissa. He fell for her head and heels right away, but tried not to let i t be know. LOL Love makes the world go round!