Bachelor in Paradise viewers are convinced Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are still together — Here’s why

Serena and Joe film for Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise viewers suspect that Grocery Store Joe and Serena Pitt are still together following their time on BIP. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation has put on its detective hats and grabbed its magnifying glasses to determine whether one of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 stars Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are still together.

Even though Joe’s ex-fiance Kendall Long just entered Bachelor in Paradise, viewers are convinced that Joe and Serena are still together.

Bachelor Nation has come to this conclusion due to Joe and Serena’s most recent social media posts.

Serena uploaded a picture of her posing on a city street. She wore a tube top and jeans along with black, block heels.

She captioned the post, “Just a casual coffee run.”

On its own, Serena’s post appears to be as “casual” as her coffee run. However, paired with Joe’s most recent post, it sends a hidden message.

In Joe’s Instagram post, he’s holding coffee and a bagel.

He captioned his post, “My hands are full.”

Since the two made the post within minutes of each other, Bachelor Nation thinks Joe might be holding onto the coffee from Serena’s coffee run.

Bachelor Nation weighs in on Serena and Joe’s ‘coffee run’

Bachelor Nation was quick to notice Joe and Serena’s posts and knew better than to think it was a coincidence.

Fans took to Serena’s Instagram post to comment their theories.

“Oh you and Joe posting about coffee 15 minutes apart from each other huh?” one wrote, along with a pair of eyes emoji.

Another observed, “She’s going on a coffee run and Joe’s picture is carrying coffee and both pics posted 2 hrs ago…hmmmm”

“cup o joe,” a third quipped.

While Serena tried to be clever by sharing her location as Ontario, Canada, one fan argued that she was lying about her location.

“Girlll that’s Chicago,” they wrote.

Comments on Serena Pitt's Instagram
Pic credit: @serena_pitt/Instagram

Another fan pleaded to see Joe, who was presumably behind the camera.

Comments on Serena Pitt's Instagram
Pic credit: @serena_pitt/Instagram

Fans also pointed out their observations on Joe’s post.

One fan account wrote, “We see what you did there…”

Another user got straight to the point, writing, “what does matching coffee posts mean[?]”

Comments on Joe Amabile's Instagram post
Pic credit: @joeamabile1/Instagram

Are Serena and Joe still together after Bachelor in Paradise?

It seems that fans’ theories about Serena and Joe are correct!

According to spoilers that Monsters & Critics has previously posted, Serena and Joe end up together on Bachelor in Paradise.

Not only do they leave the show engaged but they have been spotted together at a rooftop pool in Chicago after filming for Bachelor in Paradise wrapped.

This was in July, shortly after filming wrapped. However, since it has only been two months, it’s likely that Serena and Joe are still together.

Bachelor in Paradise may only be partway through airing, but Serena and Joe have already been through plenty.

Joe almost left the show during the Season 7 premiere but after hitting it off with Serena, he decided to stay and explore a relationship with her.

His ex-fiance Kendall Long, who he met during Season 5, showed up and admitted she still had feelings for him.

Fortunately for Serena, he claimed to be completely over Kendall and committed to getting to know Serena better.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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