Grocery Store Joe tears up over ex-fiancé Kendall Long on Bachelor in Paradise — Does he leave?

Grocery Store Joe films for Bachelor in Paradise
Joe Amabile can’t help about his ex-fiance Kendall Long during his second go-around on Bachelor in Paradise and even threatens to leave. Pic credit: ABC

Joe Amabile, aka Grocery Store Joe, struggled with his second appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.

Joe came back for Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 looking for love after he split with his fiance from Season 5, Kendall Long.

Joe was optimistic that he would be able to put his heartbreak behind him but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Joe was initially eager to talk to Serena Pitt. However, his nerves got the best of him during that conversation.

During a confessional interview, he admitted that he struggled because his conversation with Serena P reminded him of talking to Kendall.

He then began to tear up and struggled to compose himself.

After that talk, he wandered about the beach and contemplated whether the show was something we wanted to do.

The other contestants noticed that Joe seemed to keep to himself.

Grocery Store Joe says he wants to leave Bachelor in Paradise

Grocery Store Joe took his issue to Bachelor in Paradise’s ultimate guru, resident bartender Wells Adams.

Wells could tell that Joe didn’t seem like himself and Joe confided that he didn’t feel right being there.

He declared to Wells that he wanted to leave Bachelor in Paradise.

Joe seemingly left that conversation certain that he would be going home.

Does Joe leave Bachelor in Paradise?

However, things took a turn for Joe when he got the opportunity to have a second chat with Serena P.

Serena P. told Joe she could tell by his body language during his chat with Wells that he was freaking out and brought up how this was his second time on the show.

Joe was impressed with her observation and admitted that he was getting in his head about his past breakup.

While most people might be deterred by Joe’s strong emotions about his last relationship, Serena P gave him the opportunity to talk about it.

When she asked about why they broke up, he revealed that it was because of distance and that they couldn’t agree on where they would settle down.

Serena admitted how she could see that being a dealbreaker and validated his feelings.

Joe seemed to be grateful to get it off his chest and the two then focused on getting the know each other better.

After discussing their 12-year age gap, the two bonded and even locked lips.

Following his chat with Serena, he said he decided he was going to stay to pursue something with Serena P and was thankful that she was there.

However, it seems that trouble lies ahead for Joe when Kendall enters the island.

Viewers will have to wait and see how that impacts his relationship with Serena P (or they can read Monsters and Critics’ Bachelor in Paradise spoilers here.)

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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