Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Here’s which Bachelor Nation stars paired up in paradise

Serena Pitt looks lovingly at Matt
Serena Pitt starts to catch feelings for Matt James. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise will air next month.

Thanks to Reality Steve, we have tons of juicy insight into which couples fall for each other and leave the island engaged and which contestants aren’t so lucky.  

Out of the over 30 contestants appearing this season, BIP looks like it will produce three engaged couples. 

Joe Amabile allegedly proposes to Serena Pitt 

It seems Grocery Joe from Becca Kufrin’s season will be disinterested in trying to make it work with Becca for a second time on the island.

Instead, he fell for Serena Pitt, from Matt James’ season. 

Serena made it far with Matt in her season. However, after an uncomfortable yoga date, she self-eliminated and walked away from the show.

It appears Serena will find better chemistry with Joe Amabile, who became known as “Grocery Store Joe” since he owned a grocery store.

Unlike Serena, who nearly made it to the end with Matt, Grocery Joe went home in the first episode, disappointing fans who felt he deserved a second chance. 

Joe received a second chance at love because he and Serena allegedly left the island engaged. 

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin find love 

Boy band manager, Kenny Braasch from Clare/Tayshia’s season also will find success on the summer series when he meets Mari Pepin from Matt James’ season, according to Reality Steve. 

Kenny and Mari were never quite front runners on their respective seasons, but they appear to have remained friends with their fellow castmates. 

Kenny posts multiple photos with guys from The Bachelor franchise, including fellow castmate, Brendan Morais, who reportedly finds love on BIP this summer, although in a bit more untraditional way. 

Brendan and Pieper James, from Matt James’ season, were already dating before BIP released the new cast list.

The couple reportedly builds upon their relationship during this upcoming season of BIP. However, it’s rumored Brendan and Pieper exit the island as a couple before overnights. 

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn go the distance 

Maurissa Gunn, the gorgeous pageant queen from Peter Weber’s season, faced elimination in the first week of Peter’s season.

She never had an opportunity to explore love on the show. That seemed to change in paradise as she appears to find a genuine love connection with Riley from Clare/Tayshia’s season. 

On The Bachelorette Season 16, Riley made a great impression on both Clare and Tayshia, making them laugh while having deep and vulnerable conversations about life and his past. 

Tayshia sent Riley home. But Maurissa appreciated his charm more since the two allegedly end up engaged at the end of the season. 

Maurissa and Riley’s engagement could make them one of the few Black love stories within the franchise, a welcome sight for fans eager to see the franchise improve its handling of diversity and inclusive representation. 

While this season promises to bring drama and surprising break-ups for other contestants, these six stars appear to find love and the utmost success during their time on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise returns Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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