Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Aaron is ready to fight Ivan after he makes a move on Chelsea

Aaron Clancy on Bachelor in Paradise
Aaron gets heated after Ivan tries to steal Chelsea away on BIP. Pic credit: ABC

With just two weeks left of Bachelor in Paradise, things are about to get heated as those who haven’t managed to couple up are struggling to find someone, anyone to get them a rose.

Or at least that’s how Ivan Hall came across right at the end of the last episode after Kendall Long went home in tears, facing rejection from Joe Amabile as he falls in love with Serena Pitt.

Despite Ivan telling the guys that he’s not going out there to try to steal one of their roses, that’s exactly what he did when he starting flirting heavily with Chelsea Vaughn, who has been coupled up with Aaron Clancy ever since Tammy Ly dumped him for his nemesis, Thomas Jacobs (who sent her home in tears after he chose Becca Kufrin.)

Aaron Clancy is angry and he wants answers

In the latest sneak peek for the upcoming 3-hour episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Aaron Clancy is really upset — probably because he just watched Ivan Hall make out with his girl on the beach.

We see him confront Ivan, who tells him, “Punch me dog, please!”

While Ivan is clearly in the wrong, it looks like he has an ally in Riley Christian, who is quick to step up to Aaron, who just wants to know why Riley is so heated and yelling.

Wells Adams pulls Ivan Hall aside: ‘Do you have anything to tell me?’

The BIP clip then switches over to Wells Adams pulling Ivan Hall aside and asking the Bachelor in Paradise star, “Ivan, do you have anything to tell me?” And boy does he!

As James Bonsall tells the others that Ivan told him something happened at the hotel, Ivan tells Wells, “I shouldn’t have gone around the system. Love makes you do, like, weird, crazy things!”

Meanwhile, Chelsea is spotted looking uncomfortable as Aaron and Ivan continue to clash and everyone else wants to know all the tea about what went down at the hotel.

We may have seen a little sneak peek of that at the end of the last episode when Ivan asked Chelsea to chat. After getting comfortable on the bed together, Ivan mentioned that the two had a lot to talk about, and Chelsea agreed, calling them “homies” now. Then, she quickly explained that she was not friend-zoning him.

That’s the first time it was really obvious that Chelsea and Ivan spent some time together at the hotel while the BIP crew was waiting for the storm (not this storm but the tropical one) to blow over. It became even more obvious as Aaron watched Ivan and Chelsea kiss on the beach, causing him to call Ivan a “desperate little b***h boy.”

A confrontation was about to happen between Aaron and Ivan (who you’ll recall said this would be the best season ever), bringing us to this new clip.

And just like Joe Amabile, we just don’t know if this will end well for anybody.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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