Ivan Hall says this will ‘be the best season ever’ of Bachelor in Paradise — Here’s what to know about him

Ivan looks off to the side on the island
Ivan Hall tries to find love on Bachelor in Paradise after competing for Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams. Pic credit: ABC

The star-studded Bachelor in Paradise cast has brought back tons of fan favorites, including the lovable Ivan Hall. 

Ivan has been outspoken about thinking this season of BIP will top all the rest, and according to the trailers, Ivan might be playing a part in what makes this such an explosive season.

So here’s what to know about Ivan as he attempts to find love yet again within The Bachelor franchise. 

Ivan Hall puts family first  

Ivan Hall was born in Chicago and raised in Texas. Ivan turned 29 this year and has already accomplished a lot in his young life.

Ivan received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University and now works as an aeronautical engineer, building jets for the military at Lockheed Martin in Maryland. 

Ivan prides himself on being extremely family-oriented, sweetly revealing that he talks to his mom every day and absolutely adores being an uncle. He’s eager to become a father and have kids of his own one day. 

He looks up to his parents’ 30-year-long marriage and considers himself to have the best parents in the world. Ivan also has a lot of love for his brother, who surprised Ivan by showing up during his heartfelt hometown date with Tayshia.

Ivan Hall is the first ‘Blasian’ contestant on the show 

Ivan made his Bachelor franchise debut on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adam’s season of The Bachelorette. 

While Ivan didn’t have much time to build a connection with Clare due to her infatuation with Dale Moss, Ivan really hit it off with Tayshia. Ivan and Tayshia bonded over the fact that they were both biracial with Black fathers. 

Ivan is half-Black and half-Filipino and has expressed feeling proud of being the first half-Black and half-Asian, aka “Blasian,” contestant in the history of the show. 

During his time with Tayshia, Ivan didn’t hesitate to have transparent and meaningful conversations about race on their dates. Fans appreciated Ivan’s willingness to address his thoughts and feelings on the powerful BLM protests that were very prevalent while they were filming their season. 

Ivan made it into Tayshia’s top three 

On the show, Ivan built up a reputation of being a very sweet and soft-spoken underdog. Ivan and Tayshia went on lighthearted dates where they’d do various activities like cooking the famed Filipino dish lumpia and setting a new world record for the longest kiss in an ice bath. 

Ivan ended up being one of Tayshia’s finalists but was sent home after fantasy suites. Tayshia and Ivan claimed their split had a lot to do with the fact that they didn’t see eye-to-eye on their religious views

Ivan appears to have made lasting friendships with a handful of men from his season and has remained in touch with them after their season wrapped. 

Ivan Hall may be a source of drama on Bachelor in Paradise 

Now Ivan has returned to the franchise by competing on Bachelor in Paradise and has tweeted out his belief that this season will be the best. 

Ivan Hall's tweet
Ivan promotes this season of BIP as the best. Pic credit: @ivanhall8/Twitter

During the BIP premiere, Ivan voiced his interest in meeting Serena Pitt, one of the final four on Matt James’ season. However, from the trailers, it looks like Ivan might have a love connection with fellow cast member, Jessenia Cruz, instead. 

The trailers also suggest that Ivan might end up butting heads with Aaron Clancy on the island. Aaron was known to be a hothead on Katie Thurston’s season, so it’s not surprising that he gets into an altercation but, considering Ivan is known to be the quiet “nice guy,” fans might be surprised to see what gets him to go toe-to-toe with Aaron. 

Perhaps all the passionate fights and passionate love Ivan experiences in paradise is why he’s calling it the best season ever. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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