Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast revealed — Which Bachelor Nation stars are looking for love this summer?

Abigail Heringer, Ivan Hall, Victoria Larson and Joe Amabile
Abigail Heringer, Ivan Hall, Victoria Larson and Joe Amabile are all on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Summer is heating up and Bachelor Nation knows what that means — Bachelor in Paradise is just around the corner. The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast has been officially revealed.

Bachelor Nation has been taking a stab at who might be a part of the summer spinoff based on dating rumors, social media activity, and spoilers.

However, The Bachelor franchise has now officially confirmed 19 of the Bachelor Nation stars who will be returning for another shot at love.

On the official Bachelor in Paradise Facebook page, pictures of the 19 singles who will be featured on Bachelor in Paradise were revealed along with the caption, “They’re here!!! Meet some of the cast hitting the beach this summer on Bachelor in Paradise!”

As Bachelor in Paradise’s social media teased, there is also “more to come.” Spoilers have revealed other big-time Bachelor Nation stars who will appear on the island as the season proceeds.

Keep reading on to see which Bachelor Nation fan favorites, and not-so-favorites, will be looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise.

Which former Bachelor contestants will be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7?

Bachelor Nation was very curious about which women would be asked to return for the summer spinoff series.

The Bachelor casting team was reportedly looking to avoid casting women from Matt James’s season as much as possible.

However, due to the racism controversy that hit the franchise, they were having a hard time getting notable alumni to return, and there are a handful of women from Matt’s season on BIP Season 7.

These women include some fan favorites like Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, Jessenia Cruz, and Mari Pepin-Solis.

However, as always, some Bachelor villains will also make their way onto Paradise. Queen Victoria Larson will continue her reign of terror as well as Serena Chew, who went head-to-head against Katie Thurston’s bullying accusations.

There will also be a number of women from Peter Weber’s season. In addition to top 3 contestant Victoria Paul, Kelsey Weir, from the champagne debacle, and the notoriously aggressive Tammy Ly will appear on BIP Season 7.They will be joined by Deandra Kanu, Maurissa Gunn, and Natasha Parker as well.

Viewers will also get a slight blast from the past as Tahzjuan Hawkins from Colton’s season of The Bachelor will also be present.

Which former Bachelorette contestants will be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7?

As far as for the men, many viewers have been hoping that their favorite hunks from The Bachelorette will be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.

A slew of men from Clare and Tayshia’s hybrid season of The Bachelorette has been selected to appear on Bachelor in Paradise.

This includes fan favorites Brendan Morais, Ivan Hall, Kenny Braasch, and Noah Erb, who was added later on when Tayshia took over as The Bachelorette lead so he didn’t have a chance to date Clare.

This is the only season of The Bachelorette that has aired since Bachelor in Paradise has started filming. Katie’s season is currently airing, and it’s likely men who were eliminated early on had the chance to fly over from New Mexico and join Paradise.

For example, it has already been revealed that the show’s early villain Karl Smith will be on BIP Season 7.

A notable Bachelor Nation veteran from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette has also been revealed. Joe Amabile, who previously found love with Kendall Long on Bachelor in Paradise, will return to find love once again.

If you’re forgetting how attractive some of these singles look, take a look at the pictures provided by ABC below.

Viewers will have to wait and see which of these Bachelor Nation stars will end up together (or they can check out some spoilers that Monsters and Critics have previously revealed here.)

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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Stephanie Girard
Stephanie Girard
2 years ago

Pretty sure Victoria Fuller was the “top three” Victoria on Peter’s season. Victoria Paul was only in the top 10.