Bachelor in Paradise: Jessenia Cruz reveals her side of love triangle with Alana Milne and Chris Conran

Jessenia Cruz, Alana Milne, Chris Conran
Jessenia Cruz speaks out about Bachelor in Paradise controversy. Pic credit: ABC

Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise was nothing if not full of drama and controversy, and fans and alums are still dissecting the past season.

In fact, Jessenia Cruz has just come out and shared her side of the love triangle story among herself, Chris Conran, and Alana Milne. Supposedly, the trio had all met up in San Diego for a trip with other Bachelor alums prior to the filming of Bachelor in Paradise last summer.

They weren’t the only ones who allegedly met up or talked before going on Paradise, and Jessenia spoke out about it on Us Weekly’s Bachelor Podcast – Here For The Right Reasons podcast.

The whole time, Chris and Alana have denied the accusations that anything happened between them during that trip, but Jessenia is coming out now, saying differently.

What did Jessenia Cruz have to say about a prior relationship between Chris Conran and Alana Milne?

Jessenia reported, “I remember everything that happened in San Diego. I was never once blackout drunk. … It’s not to say that everybody else was trashed either, but there’s certain things that happened that people are speaking on, but they’re not really divulging in the full details. Like, I know for a fact that I saw Alana sitting in the jacuzzi with Chris on her lap.”

Once the show started, though, Jessenia and Chris were the ones who connected at the start and went on a date. During this time, Jessenia even asked Chris if he was with her just because Alana wasn’t there yet.

According to Jessenia, “He said no. [He said], like, ‘I came here for you, and I really just wanted to spend some time with you here in Paradise.’ Well, the way [Chris] said it was more like, ‘I wanna spend time here in Paradise.’ And then everything about me kind of came after that.”

However, once Alana arrived in Paradise, Chris did, indeed, get involved with her. They went on a date, they connected, and they started a relationship.

Jessenia went on to state, “I was, like, that’s a second priority. I’m coming at this whole [situation] as lightly as I can because I’ve personally moved on from the whole situation, but I think it’s been very difficult to look away when you have two people who are constantly kind of like continuing this narrative, that just isn’t true, you know?”

What happened after Chris and Alana left the show?

Because Chris and Alana said that they were being isolated by their other castmates, they left, early, from the show. The two then declared that no one apologized to them after the fact.

However, Jessenia revealed that she did apologize to Alana. In fact, she reached out to her a couple of days after the show aired and said how sorry she was how things went down during the show.

Jessenia said on the podcast that her emotions got in the way at the time because she felt so hurt and lied to by both Alana and Chris. She also relayed that Alana did, acknowledge her apology then.

She talked about how she was told by production when she reached out to just not interact with Chris and Alana, so she did just that. However, when she reached out to Alana to apologize, she knew it was delivered.

Jessenia thinks that Alana blocked her after she texted her the apology, so she just left it alone and never expected or got a response back from her.

Moreover, Jessenia again tried to get in touch with Alana just last month because she didn’t want to have something over their heads that had happened over a year ago.

Jessenia sent Alana the following: “It’s done and I get if you’re hurt, that’s fair, but don’t drag my name around the dirt along with it … I don’t understand why this is what you’re choosing to do, but at least be hoenst about this. All I asked was honesty from Chris’ part, which he never gave me, so at least be honest about whether or not you received an apology.”

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The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.