What happened to Chris Conran and Alana Milne after BIP — Are they still together?

Alana and Chris film for BIP
Alana Milne and Chris Conran were accused of having a relationship prior to Bachelor in Paradise, but do they have one after BIP? Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise stars Chris Conran and Alana Milne were accused of having a relationship ahead of the show and now, Bachelor Nation wants to know if the two are still together after the show.

The two have been vocal about the fact that they were just friends ahead of BIP on social media and it looks like they’re using it once again to tease whether their dramatic exit tore them apart or brought them closer together.

Are Chris Conran and Alana Milne still together?

Alana took to her Instagram story to share a collage of photos from a double date she was on.

It seems her date was in fact, Chris. They were joined by another couple who posed for selfies in one of their kitchens.

She captioned the story, “my kind of double date.”

Alana's Instagram story
Pic credit: @alanaamilne/Instagram

It’s likely that Chris orchestrated the date and that they’re in his kitchen, according to Alana.

Alana added another slide to her Instagram Story to show off a series of delectable dishes seemingly made by Chris for the double date.

She tagged Chris and accompanied the video with the song “Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Peppa.

Alana's Instagram story
Pic credit: @alanaamilne/Instagram

Chris and Alana seem to be thriving outside of Bachelor in Paradise even though they took separate limos home, unlike Brendan and Pieper, who were outted for the same reasons.

Why Chris and Alana left Bachelor in Paradise

Chris and Alana may have left Bachelor in Paradise on their own but it wasn’t necessarily their own choice.

Chris was dating Jessenia Cruz before Alana showed up to Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris and Jessenia were developing a solid connection and Chris had even claimed that he thought they were the strongest couple there.

However, that all changed when Alana showed up at Tituss Burgess’ VIP party.

She pulled Chris to the side and just minutes into their conversation, the two were making out.

Jessenia happened to catch Chris in the act and went back to report Chris’s sudden connection with Alana.

Then certain contestants like Joe Amabile, Riley Christian, and Deandra Kanu began to theorize that Chris and Alana were already in a relationship prior to the show, like Pieper James and Brendan Morais, and were using the opportunity to gain popularity rather than to find love.

After the party, Chris took Alana on a one-on-one date and the speculation only grew stronger.

When they got back from their date, they were faced with accusations and angry contestants demanding them to leave.

Even though Chris insisted that they hadn’t dated before the show, he decided to leave followed by Alana, much to her annoyance.

After the show, Chris issued an apology for how he treated Jessenia but maintained he and Alana had just hung out in group settings as friends, with a little bit of flirtation.

Alana also maintained her innocence on social media.

It seems that despite all of the Bachelor in Paradise drama, Chris and Alana are still open to exploring a relationship together.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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