Bachelor fan charges Matt James a dollar on Venmo for ‘wasting her time’ – and he paid it

Matt James
Matt James pays fan back for wasting her time. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor with Matt James is one week away from coming to an end.

On Monday night, Bachelor fans will see how this show will conclude and learn whether Matt proposes to either Michelle Young or Rachael Kirkconnell.

However, Matt’s season has been overshadowed by drama that has unfolded outside of the show.

Back in 2018, Rachael went to a Southern Belle party. Chris Harrison defended her photos, saying that no one was in a position to judge.

Days later, he stepped back from his hosting duties and Matt reportedly broke up with his final pick.

Matt James pays a woman for wasting her time

In addition, Matt has been criticized for the way he kissed the women on the show because he kissed them with his eyes open. Plus, when the women would tell him that they loved him, he would say, “thank you for telling me that.”

After Bri Springs was eliminated on Monday night, one fan, in particular, was upset. Michelle Hammett revealed that she was upset with Matt’s decision to send Bri home, seemingly because Bri was her favourite. And she decided to take matters into her own hands.

On Tik Tok, she revealed she wasn’t happy with Matt’s decision, so she decided to charge him via Venmo. She charged him $1 and asked him to pay up for wasting her time.

In her video, she revealed that Matt actually paid her for her time.

Matt Venmo
Pic credit: @victoriahammett/Tik Tok

Victoria thanked Matt for sending her money, telling him that he could kiss her with his eyes open anytime.

Matt James has gone through the wringer both on The Bachelor and afterward

It’s no secret that Matt has been through a rough time on The Bachelor. For the first time, a Bachelor lead had to merge two groups of women together, as five additional women were added to the season after a few weeks.

Nick Viall recently gave Matt major credit for the way he has handled everything both on the show and everything that has played out as the show was airing.

We recently reported that Matt has broken up with his final pick over the racism issues that surfaced within Bachelor Nation in early 2021. Reality Steve was the one who broke the news, sharing that Matt was no longer dating the woman he picked during the finale, possibly due to everything that played out in the media after the show started airing.

Fans will see how everything plays out on Monday night next week, when Matt’s season comes to an end.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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