Avery Warner loses endorsement deal after posting anti-BLM content on social media

Avery Warner gets dropped as brand ambassador
Company cut ties with Avery Warner due to her anti-BLM stance. Pic credit:TLC

Avery Warner lost out on love during her stint on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, and now she’s losing a lot more than that!

The outspoken season 4 alum has been getting backlash from followers due to her negative comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. But the anti-BLM comments are now starting to hit her where it hurts: in her pockets.

Sola CBD cuts ties with Avery

Recently, one brand decided to part ways with Avery. SOLA CBD, which sells various CBD-laced products, originally partnered with Avery in part because of her marijuana-focused cooking techniques.

Now, however, SOLA CBD has cut ties with Avery, and it shared a lengthy post on Instagram explaining the decision.

SOLA CBD stands in support of anti-racist efforts, racial equality, and social justice initiatives. It saw Avery’s position as antithetical to those values, so the company has taken a stand by dropping her as a brand ambassador.

In a post, the company’s Instagram page @cbdexpresssugar shared a promo shot of their products with the words Black Lives Matter proudly displayed on the banner.

Sola CBD drops Avery Warner
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They also had a clear message for Avery.

“It is no longer enough as an individual or a company to ‘not be racist,'” the post explained. “We must do our part to educate ourselves and become ANTI-RACIST. We must seize opportunities as they present themselves to stand up against racial inequality and injustice and to take a hard stance when we encounter it.”

The message continued, “Because of our philosophy and the cultural climate of today, we have decided to discontinue promotions with @averydopecook with #90dayfiance. Her recent posts are not aligned with our support of the #BLM movement, and it is important to us as a company to show our support and solidarity for the black community.”

Avery is no longer a brand ambassador for SOLA CBD

Although SOLA says that it recognizes “everyone’s right to have their own views and opinion,” it feels that a partnership with Avery is not in its best interest. “We do not want the publicly stated views of our brand ambassadors to be mistaken as the views of the company,” the company explained.

The post finished with, “Our company values kindness and equality towards all humankind no matter what the color of their skin. And until black lives matter the same as any other, we will continue to do our part to stand up against systemic racism and to stand firm on our belief that all people are created equal.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is now on hiatus on TLC.