Ashley Darby confronts Michael Darby gay rumors, RHOP star insists that he is not interested in men

Ashley and Michael Darby film for RHOP.
Ashley and Michael Darby film for RHOP. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashely Darby insists that Michael Darby is not gay despite the persisting rumors.

Ashley appeared for an interview on The Sarah Fraiser Show.

Sarah asks the question that has been on fans’ the past couple of seasons minds pretty quickly into the interview.

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“You do seem to say pretty adamantly, and you did so on Part 2 of the reunion, that Michael is not gay. Because people continue that, now it’s been years, and a lot of people believe he’s in love with Juan Dixon,” Sarah prefaces her question as Ashley cracks up.

“Have he and Juan ever had a sexual relationship? Is Michael gay?” Sarah asks.

“Oh my gosh, this is so funny. Absolutely not,” Ashley responds.

Ashley then presents her argument as to why it should be clear to viewers that she’s not trying to cover up her husband’s sexuality.

“Here’s my thing, at this point, if I can be open now about my sexuality if I can be open about the fact that Michael and I have had threesomes if I am this forthcoming, it would be so much work to hide if my husband was interested in men,” Ashley explains.

She also adds that there would be a lot more evidence out there if her husband really was gay.

“There would be people coming out of the woodwork left, right and center at this point. And real people. Not these fakea** things that come up online. I just get the craziest things. I mean, people who look nothing like my husband,” Ashley shares.

“Yes, for the record, he’s not gay,” Ashley concludes.

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Ashley gives a possible explanation for her husband’s behavior

Ashley then addresses the times that he may have admired Robyn Dixon’s husband, Juan or any other men.

“Now, does he have a problem telling someone if they’re attractive? No. Male or female, no. Will he tell you if you’re ugly and busted? Yes,” Ashley explains.

“You actually should feel really honored if he tells you you’re good looking because he will also tell you, honey, that you look like you belong in the dumpster,” she adds, laughing.

Allegations against Michael

Despite Ashley’s claims that people aren’t coming forward, concrete evidence of Michael’s interactions with men has been presented.

Audio evidence, that has since been discarded, caught Michael groping a cameraman on the RHOP set.

Another time, when Michael was drunk, the other RHOP cast overheard him saying, “Yeah, I would suck his d**k.” Many of them believed this was directed at Juan.

During Season 5, Candiace even told Ashley she heard Michael had a boyfriend as she presented evidence that he was cheating on Ashley with another woman.

Despite these claims, Ashley has continued to defend Michael.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part 3 airs on Sunday, December 27 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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