Michael Darby suspended by Bravo after sexual assault accusations

Michael Darby on The Real Housewives of Potomac
Michael Darby has been suspended from filming The Real Housewives of Potomac. Pic credit: Bravo

Is this the end of the line for Michael Darby on The Real Housewives of Potomac? After a cameraman accused the Aussie businessman of grabbing his buttocks during filming, the production company behind RHOP has suspended Ashley Darby’s husband to investigate.

To make matters worse, TMZ reports that the man who was allegedly violated by Darby is trying to make sure that he doesn’t get grabby again, if indeed he did in the first place. In addition to filing charges against the reality star, the RHOP employee is also asking for a permanent restraining order to keep the Oz restaurant owner away from him.

It doesn’t look like the cameraman, Orville Palmer, will be getting his restraining order, though. Apparently the required burden of proof was not met, but the allegations could have a lasting effect on Michael Darby.

Palmer claims that after Darby squeezed his rear, he also gave a “flirtatious” look.

This is not the first time Michael Darby has been accused of acting in this manner. Back in 2016, Michael admitted “playfully” touching Katie Rost’s boyfriend on the butt.

When Ashley was questioned about why Michael would do that, she argued that it was just “white boy culture” and that it didn’t mean anything. That didn’t stop rumors that Michael Darby might have a preference for men and now, with another accusation, it doesn’t look like they will stop.

For the alleged butt grab, Michael Darby has been charged with sexual assault. The incident happened during Season 4 filming for RHOP so while we know that another season of the show is coming, there are now questions about whether Ashley and Michael will even be on it.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is not currently airing new episodes and is expected to return in 2019. 

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