Are Peter Weber and The Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca just friends?

Peter Weber
Is Peter Weber just friends with the ABC producer? Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber continues to pride himself on the fact that his season of The Bachelor remains unspoiled.

While he may not have planned the outcome, this season’s finale is currently one of the most speculated about in years.

And since no one knows what happens except for a handful of people, Peter continues to play up theories — including one with producer, Julie LaPlaca.

The theory about Peter ending up with a producer surfaced a few weeks ago but has been shared so many times that Chris Harrison stepped in to clarify the situation.

So, are they dating or are they just friends?

Peter Weber isn’t dating Julie, a source has revealed

While Peter hasn’t confirmed the conclusion of the season yet, a source has now revealed that Peter is not dating Julie.

“There really is no truth to Peter being with Julie,” a source told US Weekly about their relationship. “They were friends, but nothing romantic has ever happened between them.”

The source adds that they “act like colleagues and friends around each other.”

This is, of course, a bit different than what Chris Harrison revealed last week. He shared that they had an “intimate relationship.”

He also didn’t deny that something could have happened between them.

“Julie, an amazing, talented, smart producer that works for us — works on the show, so she’s with Peter,” he said on Tuesday, February 25, in an interview with Access. “You spend that much time together we all get close. Sometimes those lines get blurred. The only rules are, Peter needs to have the best opportunities to find love. If something were to mess that up, then we would step in. We would help.”

Peter Weber’s finale is filmed in Australia and California

We still don’t know how Peter’s season ends, but there are some theories up in the air that could be possible.

One is that the finale doesn’t wrap up in Australia. Fans found the house that Peter is seen filming in during one of the previews for the season finale and they are convinced it’s a home that you can rent in California.

That means that the show doesn’t necessarily wrap up in Australia with a proposal. The finale airs in a week on ABC. Tonight, the season continues with the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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