Are Nick Viall and Demi Burnett dating after she broke things off with her boyfriend?

Nick and Demi
Fans think that Nick Viall and Demi Burnett are dating. Pic credit: ABC

Nick Viall is back in the headlines with a new relationship but he’s being very secretive about who that person is.

Just last week, fans believed that it was his ex-girlfriend Andi Dorfman, as the two were spotted running together in California.

But then, Nick posted a photo of himself with Bachelor In Paradise star Demi Burnett, who is newly single.

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So, what is the deal? Does Nick just have many female friends or is he dating one of them?

As it turns out, Bachelor Nation would love to see him date Demi.

Nick Viall and Demi Burnett are great friends

On Instagram, Nick posted a photo of himself with Demi, writing that seeing her in person is much better than Zoom.

In the comments, fans were thrilled to see them hang out and Ben Higgins even chimed in, “Ship it.”

Dean Unglert also pointed out that the two were awfully close to one another, considering they were not 6 feet apart or wearing masks during their meetup.

Nick Viall
Nick Viall shared a photo of himself with Demi on Instagram. Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

Of course, fans wondered if they were an item, as Demi recently broke up with her boyfriend of a few months.

But Nick did open up about his current status on his podcast, The Viall Files. While he didn’t go into detail about who he was dating or how they met, he did share that they had discussed compatibility.

“I recently had a conversation with someone that I’m dating and the question was, ‘What if we’re not compatible about this thing?’ I was like, ‘We’re not compatible about that thing but I don’t know what that means about everything else.’”

So, could he be talking about Demi?

Last year, Nick was linked to Demi for the first time after she was spotted at his apartment. At the time, Nick revealed that they were close friends and that yes, sometimes friends go hang out at each other’s places.

Nick Viall was previously linked to Andi Dorfman dating rumors

It was just last week that Nick was spotted going for a run with Andi Dorfman, the former Bachelorette star who turned him down as he was about to propose to her.

It was also just a week ago that he told Chris Harrison about the love letters he sent to Kaitlyn Bristowe as she was filming The Bachelorette.

He explained that he was emailing her while she was filming, but that she couldn’t read them as she was cut off from the world. When she returned home, she claimed she never received them, even though Nick located them in his sent-folder.

As fans may recall, he was dumped as he was about to propose to her. They are now good friends today.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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