Are Madison Prewett and Connor Saeli giving it a shot after Bachelor drama?

Connor Saeli and Madison Prewett
Could Connor Saeli and Madison Prewett be dating? Pic credit: ABC

Connor Saeli and Madison Prewett didn’t meet one another on a Bachelor show.

But based on new information on Reddit, it sounds like they could have met outside of the show.

Madison won over viewers on this past season of The Bachelor, when she told Peter Weber her values and beliefs and chose to stick with them as Peter pursued intimacy with other women.

Connor Saeli pursued Hannah B on The Bachelorette and later appeared on Bachelor In Paradise.

So, what’s the deal with these two?

Connor Saeli says he can’t talk about Madison

Apparently, Connor decided to share his feelings on Instagram Live about Madison after Mike Johnson asked him about her.

This was all summarized by someone on Reddit, who had followed along.

“Mike and Connor are on IG live right now and answering some questions in comments. Someone asked Mike if he’d be interested in Kelley and he responded that she seemed cool and I’m pretty sure he called her a ‘baddie.'”

“Then Mike said ‘Connor, what about you and Madi?’ and Connor said ‘Maybe. I can’t answer that.’ and started smiling pretty big. It seemed like they may have already talked? Has anyone heard about this? He was really vague and kind of blew past it. Mike called him on it, but didn’t get much more info and they moved on,” the person wrote.

In other words, Connor Saeli didn’t confirm any relationship but based on his comments, he could have reached out to her via social media and the two started talking.

Connor and Madison could be the new ‘it’ couple

The news is just breaking now, but at least one person has reacted to a possible hookup between Madison and Connor. And like us, they are here for it!

One of the reasons why Madison and Connor could be the new “it” couple is that Connor is about much more than sex. Let’s revisit him on The Bachelorette, where Hannah B was sick during their date. He brought her flowers, soup, made her a card, and left sweet sticky notes around her room while she was sick.

This kind of gentleman is exactly what Madison could be looking for after her failed relationship with Peter.

Connor was on the 2019 season of Bachelor In Paradise after appearing on Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette. During his time on Bachelor In Paradise, he had hoped to meet Whitney Fransway. She arrived after he went home, but the two were brought together by producers at a hotel in Mexico.

They spent some time together but ultimately decided to end the relationship.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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