Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar going broke? Reality TV stars sell some of their land

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sold some of their property. Pic credit: TLC

Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar hurting for money?

That’s what Counting On critics and fans are wondering after learning the couple sold some of their land from the family compound.

With all of the other real estate the family owns — why would Jim Bob and Michelle choose to downsize the property they live on?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sell five acres

According to The Sun, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sold a little over five acres of land to their neighbors. They received $46,400 for the land, which was officially sold on January 28.

It was a property line adjustment, taking their 20-acre lot to just under 15 acres right now.

The property the Duggar live on is huge. It holds the big house, storage units, a warehouse building where Josh and Anna Duggar lived with their children (and no windows), the log cabin where Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell live, and other buildings like Jana’s greenhouse.

The loss of a little over five acres likely won’t impact the family too much, but it does beg the question of why they sold the property where they live instead of from the other parcels they have.

Duggar financial trouble?

There’s been speculation that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar funded Josh Duggar’s defense. They have not admitted it, but the lawyer fees and other paperwork coupled with court time and a nearly two-week trial weren’t cheap.

TLC cut ties with Josh Duggar following the 2015 revelation he inappropriately touched several of his sisters and canceled 19 Kids and Counting in the same breath. When Counting On was born, Anna and the kids were allowed to film, but Josh could not.

At the time of his arrest, Josh and Anna were living in the warehouse with their kids. He was working for Jim Bob at the car lot, too. The Duggars have been supporting Josh and his family, and it’s continuing now for Anna and the kids while he is locked up as he awaits sentencing.

Counting On reportedly brought in almost $850,000 per season for the Duggars. Jill Duggar confirmed that the siblings weren’t paid for their time as she had to fight for what was owed to her. It worked out to be a little more than minimum wage when all was said and done.

That loss, coupled with Josh’s trial, could be causing some financial distress for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

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