Are Corey and Erin still in a relationship after leaving Temptation Island together?

Are Corey and Erin still in a relationship after leaving Temptation Island together?
Erin and Corey from Temptation Island left the island together but did they stay together? Pic credit: USA Network

After hashing out their differences during the final bonfire on Temptation Island, Corey and Erin decided to leave the island together and continue to work on their relationship.

Many fans feel like it isn’t going to work out.

Corey posted a picture of the two of them in the car after the final bonfire, insinuating that they are still together.

Erin posted a long caption with a picture of herself at the bonfire that highlighted how much her time on the island meant for her self-growth and ability to be vulnerable.

During the bonfire, host Mark Walberg did not let them settle for simple answers and encouraged them to dig deeper into their issues.

Corey and Erin’s responses to the deeper questions concerned viewers who don’t think Corey can handle Erin’s strong personality and tendency to bully.

Corey and Erin have issues to overcome to be successful

Even though the pair left the island together and still appear to be in a relationship, it was clear they had a lot to work on to make each other happy.

Corey often questioned whether Erin truly appreciated him for who he is or whether she liked him because he is easily controllable. Fans questioned whether she has changed for him or was afraid of losing him after seeing how much other women value who he is.

Viewers loved when Mark called Corey out for being too passive to admit Erin intimidated him, and one fan said, “Corey will have to work hard not to slip back into being walked on.”

Comments on Reddit
Fans on Reddit gave their two sense on Erin and Corey’s compatibility. Pic credit: @u/tinygingerninja1/Reddit

Fans have been annoyed by Erin in the past and think Corey does not have it in him to stand up to her. They think he can do better.

Corey had other options on the island

Corey got close to two of the singles on the island and caught the eye of a few others. He took Amanda out on his final overnight date and expressed that he would love to be with someone like her if he didn’t have Erin.

It was apparent towards the end of Corey’s journey that he would settle on fixing his relationship with Erin despite the single’s pleas for him to be with someone who accepts him for who he is.

Time will tell if Erin will change her intimidating behavior and if Corey can call her out when he feels like he’s being walked on. Fans understand the pair’s decision but don’t hold much weight in the relationship going the distance.

Next week, viewers will find the conclusion for the remaining three couples and get an update at the reunion.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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