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Anna Shay admits that she didn’t know what to do with those Bling Empire checks from Netflix

Bling Empire matriarch Anna Shay says she didn't know what to do with her Netflix pay.
Bling empire star Anna Shay didn’t know what to do with Netflix cheque. Pic credit:Netflix

Have you ever been so wealthy that you forgot to cash your checks?

Well you obviously don’t have a lot in common with Bling Empire star Anna Shay.

Don’t feel too bad though, not many people have things in common with this uber-rich daughter of an arms dealer, who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth.

The new Netflix star has become a beloved member of the cast thanks to her fabulous fashion sense and witty one-liners.

Known as the matriarch of the group, Anna is reportedly the richest of the lot as well.

And when you’re born into riches, what’s a little extra pocket change from Netflix right?

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