Anna Redman reveals if she’s annoyed about getting more online attention now that she’s with Chris Bukowski

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski
Anna Redman answers fans’ questions about boyfriend Chris Bukowski and their public relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski are one of the couples still going strong within Bachelor Nation. 

While Chris and Anna never appeared in any of the same seasons of the franchise, they found their way to each other and haven’t looked back, sharing their lives as a couple with friends and followers. 

Anna’s garnered more online attention since going public with Chris Bukowski, and she recently revealed whether she feels annoyed that people seem to care more about her posts with Chris than without him.

Anna Redman answers fan’s question about her social media activity with Chris Bukowski

Anna Redman took to her Instagram stories to allow fans’ to ask her questions. 

One fan wanted to know, “does it bother you that you get way more likes/comments on pics with Chris. 

Anna answered, “Nah. It makes sense. This is my first public relationship so it’s weird trying to navigate these waters. But I’ve stopped putting weight into my IG likes and numbers. The algorithm may be my boss, it’s miserable trying to constantly make it happy. (I could go in a rant how Ig hates it’s own creators haha).” 

Anna summed up her reply by writing, “But in conclusion, I post my life & now Chris is a large part of it, so makes sense he’s all over my feed. Likes or no likes.” 

However, Anna got more candid as she added in smaller print, “Buttttttt if you really want to know, I get a sense of pride when I make a good TikTok video by myself and it pops off haha.” 

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski hard launched with a kiss 

Anna and Chris went public with their relationship eight weeks ago, shocking Bachelor Nation. 

Anna shared a photo of her and Chris kissing on a beach in Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica, making it crystal clear that the two had become an item. 

Chris and Anna have been going strong since. They travel and show off their sense of fashion to their growing fan base. 

The couple recently attended the Kentucky Derby, where they both got dressed up in formal Derby attire

After both struggling to find love on the sixth and seventh seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, the couple appears elated to finally find happiness with one another. Anna and Chris continue to let fan’s in on their lives as their love grows and social media popularity grows. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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