Anna Duggar shares photos of Jim Bob Duggar’s birthday, claps back at assuming fan

Anna Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar shared photos of Jim Bob Duggar’s birthday. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar shared photos from Jim Bob Duggar’s 55th birthday celebration. When one fan made a snide comment, the daughter-in-law was quick to correct her.

The party appeared to be based on an emoji with sunglasses on. While the Duggar family account shared the same photo of Jim Bob and Michelle posing, Anna seems to be the only family member to have shared photos of the event.

Who decorated for Jim Bob Duggar’s birthday?

Viewers know that Jana Duggar is the best decorator in the family. She has done renovations on various rooms in the big house and even helped to decorate a living space for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard upon their return to Arkansas.

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Much of the focus for party planning has been on Jana. She is the one who helps with weddings and parties, but this time, it looks like that wasn’t the case. On the post Anna Duggar shared, one commenter mentioned that “Jana did a great job,” followed by a snide remark about knowing she did the decorating.

As it turns out, the assumption was wrong. Anna responded, “Actually Michelle, Jackson & Johanna decorated the house for Jim Bob’s Birthday.”

She didn’t elaborate on where the other children were or why Jana didn’t help. In one of the photos, Jackson can still be seen on the beam in the house from where he hung one of the signs.

Anna Duggar shared photos from Jim Bob Duggar's birthday.
Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

No one posts for Jim Bob’s birthday

The main Duggar family account did share a post about Jim Bob Duggar’s birthday, but that was a post from Michelle. Anna Duggar also posted about her father-in-law, but it would seem the rest of the family has remained silent.

Coincidentally, it looks like Amy Duggar King and Jill Duggar were out for date night during the celebration. There was some talk about what the cousin meant when she declared freedom was her and Jill’s new favorite word, but some believe this is connected.

Several of the other Duggar children can be seen in the background of one of the photos. They celebrated “Pops” and his 55th birthday, but no one fussed over him on social media. With Counting On currently airing, the attention is already on the family. Big shoutout posts aren’t necessary unless it is off-season, which then, things tend to be amped up for attention.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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