Anfisa Nava is single: Leo Assaf deletes Instagram after revealing split from 90 Day Fiance star

Leo and Ansifa confirm breakup
Ansifa Nava and Leo Assaf have split. Pic credit: TLC

Anfisa Nava is reportedly back on the market after her recent split from boyfriend Leo Assaf.

Both Leo and Anfisa have confirmed the breakup, which comes after they made their relationship Instagram official earlier this year.

While the couple was dating, Anfisa’s husband Jorge was serving time in prison. Jorge has since been released and has moved on to a new relationship.

As for Leo and Anfisa, it doesn’t seem as if reconciliation is in the works.

Leo confirms split on Instagram

While Leo didn’t make a post confirming the breakup, his answer to a fan question was quite telling.

One of his followers asked whether Leo was in touch with Anfisa

“Not anymore,” Leo responded. “However I cared about that woman a lot and wish her nothing but the best.”

Leo didn’t delve into details about why they broke up, but he had initially accused her of moving on too soon after they ended the relationship. He has since apologized, saying it was a rumor.

Leo has also deleted his Instagram page.

Anfisa says Leo doesn’t know what he wants

Like Leo, Anfisa confirmed the breakup on social media while responding to fans.

However, she gave more details about why the two have decided to end things. According to the 90 Day Fiance alum, Leo was disloyal and tried to cheat on her.

She said,  “I had girls texting me, ‘your man is in my DMs,’ all the time. The only reason he didn’t physically cheat is because the girl he went out with rejected him.”

Anfisa explains breakup
Pic credit:@realityhause/Instagram

Anfisa also noted how much Leo enjoyed the attention he got due to his affiliation with her, but she said she tried to be the bigger person nonetheless.

“The most frustrating thing is that I tried to be a bigger person and keep my personal matters private during my last 2 breakups but these guys are just something else,” she explained.

Anfisa speaks on breakup from Leo
Pic credit:@realityhause/Instagram

The fitness enthusiast and certified personal trainer doesn’t seem too broken-hearted by the split.

Anfisa has been documenting her fitness journey on Instagram and seems quite content with her single status.

Is there hope for Anfisa and Jorge?

While some fans have held out hope for a reunion between Anfisa and her soon-to-be ex-husband Jorge Nava, it doesn’t look like that’s in the works.

Jorge is a new man after his release from prison. Not only does he had a new body complete with 6-pack abs, but he also has a new girlfriend– so it looks like the Jorge and Anfisa saga is finally over.

90 Day Fiance is on hiatus on TLC.