Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo explore Hawaii with their Bachelorette costars 

Andrew Spencer, Greg Grippo, Justin Glaze
Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo share photos from tropical trip. Pic credit: @gregrippo/Instagram

Since becoming roommates, Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo have enjoyed tons of fun excursions together.

The Bachelorette Season 17 pals recently took their escapades to new heights during their trip to Hawaii.

Andrew and Greg have documented the fun and daring moments from their trip as they were joined by two familiar faces from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer enjoy Hawaii with Tre Cooper and Mike Planeta

Andrew Spencer took to Instagram to share photos from his time in Hawaii with Bachelor Nation friends. 

Andrew opened the post with a particularly eye-catching waterfall post as he, Tre, and Greg all posed shirtless on rocks while the water cascaded down and lush greenery surrounded them. 

The second and third photos in the post revealed Mike Planeta with the trio as he smiled and Tre, Greg, and Andrew put up their hands behind him. The guys wore nothing but colorful swim trunks to explore beautiful spots in Queen’s Bath, Kauai, Hawaii. 

Andrew’s final two slides of the post included him, Greg, and Andrew leaping into the water, with Tre doing an impressive backflip. 

The final video revealed that Andrew injured himself as he stood over the water with his leg bleeding. 

Andrew captioned the post, “Hawaii Andrew day 2; it’s about thick thirty and also don’t look up queens bath on tiktok.” 

Andrew shared more Hawaii photos from the third day of their trip. The post featured photos with Tre, Greg, and Mike and a video of Andrew doing impressions. 

Greg also shared photos from their time in Kauai, including a road trip sing-along that Greg captured on video. 

Greg captioned the post, “Island boys. Hawaii day 1.” 

Tre Cooper says ‘Don’t tell mom’ after his backflip 

Tre Cooper took to Instagram to share photos from the trip as well. Tre also included a text from his mom discussing his adventurous excursions. 

In the text exchange, Tre shared that he was planning to go cliff diving with the boys, and his mom didn’t appear crazy about the idea. 

His mom texted, “I would really…really appreciate you not launching my precious son off of a perfectly good cliff.”

Tre reassured his mom by saying, “Well luckily we will only be jumping off completely mediocre cliffs.” 

Tre’s mom responded with concerned emojis and a facepalm and head massage emoji. 

In his caption, Tre wrote, “Don’t tell mom,” as the final video of his slide featured his daring dive off of the cliff. 

While Tre’s mom may not have been thrilled with the jump, several Bachelor Nation stars and fans were wowed by Tre’s flip as The Bachelorette Season 17 stars continue to have a blast in Hawaii. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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