Ami Brown update: Alaskan Bush People star ‘has finished chemotherapy’

Ami Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Ami Brown, who has been receiving treatment in California, on Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has reportedly finished her chemotherapy treatment as she battles to beat stage 4 lung cancer.

The 53-year-old was given a gruelling treatment plan which was revealed on the show to include six weeks of getting radiation five days a week, followed by a four-hour chemotherapy treatment for the remainder of the treatment period.

No official updates have been issued about Ami’s health in recent weeks, ever since she and husband Billy both gave interviews in which they were given survival rates as low as 3 per cent.

However, according to the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page, which often posts updates about the Brown family behind the scenes and appears to have sources close to the show, Ami has finished her current course of treatment.

They also said shooting for the show was scheduled to start again in coming weeks, although there had been “no talk” of Ami filming any upcoming season.

They said: “Ami has finished chemotherapy treatment for now and they are scheduled to start filming in a few weeks.”

The page later clarified: “Update: There has been no talk of Ami filming this season. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and there has been a delay already. We will update when more details are available.”

The Brown family has been in California so Ami could undergo treatment, although they plan to move to Colorado in the future to set up a new permanent home.

Daughter Rain Brown yesterday posted an update on her Snapchat saying she couldn’t wait to leave the state.

Last week she hit out at people who had been trolling her and her fans online, and revealed that despite trying to remain positive on the outside she had been struggling internally to deal with her mother’s illness.

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