American Idol’s Danielle Finn loses her ‘Poppy’ heading into the top 20 round

Danielle Finn in the American Idol top 24
Danielle Finn in the American Idol top 24. Pic credit: ABC

One thing that American Idol emphasizes in the competition each year is the personal stories behind the great voices.

In the case of Danielle Finn, it was the inspiration she received from her grandfather, who she referred to as “Poppy.”

She announced in her Hollywood Week video package that she was singing for him, even as he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for a few years now.

Now, as she awaits her fate as the public vote will lower the top 24 to the top 20, she announced that her Poppy had died.

American Idol contestant’s grandfather dies

Danielle said in her video package that she used to watch American Idol with her Poppy all the time. She said that he always told her she should try to audition for the show.

“It was like a really big spark in me that he always really believed in me and loved my voice,” Danielle said.

Sadly, he never got to fully enjoy his granddaughter performing on the series.

“Now I’m here, and he has Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t really know exactly what’s going on,” she said.

However, she told him that she was going to be on American Idol and sang for him, which she said resulted in a reaction by her Poppy.

“I could just see his eyes brightened a little bit more than they usually do,” Danielle said. “I feel sad not being able to share this whole process with my grandfather, but he is definitely in my head and in my heart throughout this whole thing. It pushes me to really do my best for him.”

Danielle then posted on Instagram on Thursday that her Poppy had passed away.

Danielle leaves tribute to her Poppy

In the Instagram message, she posted a photo and a nice tribute to the man who inspired her so much.

“Oh Poppy, you were everyone’s rock. You knew how to put a smile on anyones face and give the best advice,” she wrote.

“Thank you for inspiring me to take on my American Idol journey, and for always supporting me throughout my whole life. I just wish I had you for a little longer.”

“I love you with every piece of me! I know you’re watching our family and I hope you’re in a more comfortable, peaceful place now.”

Last Sunday and Monday, American Idol fans got a chance to vote for the first time this season.

There were 24 singers who came into the round, and after Kenedi Anderson quit the competition, there are now three more who face elimination on Sunday night.

Danielle performed on Sunday night when she sang Elton John’s Your Song.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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