American Idol: Scarlet’s elimination possibly due to Duet Round attitude

Scarlet singing on American Idol
Scarlet singing on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Three people learned they were going home on Sunday night’s three-hour episode of American Idol.

While it was supposed to be four eliminations, frontrunner Kenedi Anderson quit the show, and that meant only three people were leaving the show.

From Night 2, Sir Blayke went home, ending his journey from a homeless man to the American Idol stage.

From Night 1, there were two eliminations. The final three people waiting to hear their names called were Dan Thompson, Danielle Finn, and Scarlet Ayliz.

When Dan’s name was called, it sent home Danielle, who had just lost her grandfather this past week, and Scarlet.

While Danielle was gracious and thanked everyone when she learned the truth, Scarlet sat there looking frustrated and a little angry.

That might have been part of the reason fans didn’t vote for her to move on.

Scarlet blew up during the Duet Rounds in Hollywood

The American Idol top 24 was the first time the judges didn’t make the call. The fans at home voted for their favorites.

Something that happened in the Duets Round might have doomed Scarlet.

During Hollywood Week’s Duets Round, Scarlet teamed up with Douglas Mills. This was a partnership chosen by the judges.

In this round, the two singers sing a song together and one, both, or neither could move on to the next round. The two sang Rewrite the Stars.

However, before the songs, the show always shows behind-the-scenes moments of their preparation. This video clip made Scarlet look really impatient.

Scarlet showed a lot of frustration with Douglas struggling to memorize the words to the song. She ended up storming out of the rehearsals angry.

She ended up returning and apologized for storming out and the two ended up putting the song together and performing it for the judges.

With Douglas as a fan favorite, it was something that might have rubbed the fans the wrong way, especially since she seemed so short with him.

Scarlet goes home on American Idol

Fans at home were not happy with Scarlet not getting enough votes to stay and feel it was the promo package that did her in.

“Can’t believe #Scarlet got the ax,” one fan posted on Twitter. “Ouch! She can sing, but people look at personality & how you treat people too.”

Scarlet American Idol 1
Pic credit: @Tone2TheNet/Twitter

“Scarlet’s attitude on @AmericanIdol is the exact reason I didn’t vote for her,” another wrote. “Humble yourself, your voice is pure talent but the attitude with duets and through being rejected tonight reigns over that.”

Scarlet American Idol 2
Pic credit: @whatKEZsays/Twitter

“The only reason scarlet didn’t made it is because of how they edited her duet round,” another wrote. “It has nothing to do with talent… i understand her frustration but I guess it was off-putting to others idk.”

Scarlet American Idol 3
Pic credit: @ItsTaviBaby24/Twitter

As for Scarlet, she just posted, “Goodbye American Idol! It was fun while it lasted.”

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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