American Idol: Here is who all was eliminated in the top 24 fan voting

Sir Blayke on American Idol
Sir Blayke on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol had a massive three-hour episode on Sunday night, and it was heartbreaking for three singers.

It was time to lower it down to the top 20, and the fans chose who stayed on the show.

However, one contestant made it easy on the voters by quitting American Idol before the voting started.

Here is who went home this weekend on American Idol.

Kenedi Anderson

Kenedi Anderson quit American Idol before the voting even started. This saved someone from Night 2 of the top 24 because she performed, and only one other person from that night was eliminated.

While this might not seem fair to the singers on Night 1, it is what it is.

There hasn’t been an official reason why Kenedi quit, but a clip of a new song Kenedi leaked on TikTok hints that she didn’t want to end up trapped under American Idol’s contracts if she won.

That meant that only one person from Night 2 was eliminated, and it also meant he was the lowest vote-getter of that night.

Sir Blayke

Sir Blayke was the person on Night 2 to receive the lowest votes.

This was a tough break, but appearing on American Idol was a huge opportunity for the former homeless singer.

At 28, he had the most experience of any singer in the competition, but something wasn’t connecting with voters at home.

He also wasn’t a unanimous decision at the auditions, where Luke Bryan gave him a “no.” However, he got two yes votes and moved on.

What might have hurt was his solid but mostly forgettable performances during Hollywood Week, where he didn’t stand out from the very talented lineup of singers.

Danielle Finn

Danielle Finn had a rough week.

She went on to American Idol with the hopes of sharing this experience with her “poppy,” who always encouraged her to give her singing a chance.

However, when she finally did make it, her grandfather was suffering from dementia and could not enjoy it with her.

This last week, Danielle’s poppy died, and then on Sunday night, she learned she didn’t get enough votes to remain on American Idol, and she went home.

Scarlet Ayliz

Scarlet Ayliz was back on American Idol for the second season in a row. Last year, she didn’t make it past her audition, but she made it to Hollywood this year.

She then impressed the judges when she performed her own original song during the audition this year.

However, her journey this season ended in the top 24.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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