Amber Portwood shares pic of birthday gifts for son James, fans tell her he needs his mom

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG and son James Glennon
When Amber shared pics of toys she bought for her son James’ birthday, fans told her he needs his mother instead. Pic credit: MTV

Veteran Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood recently shared a picture of toys she bought for her son James’s upcoming birthday and many of her fans felt she should be giving him something other than material gifts.

Amber shared a pic of a basket filled with toys for her son and told her followers, “There’s no room for extra toys for bubs birthday….I think?. I can’t wait to see his smile when he opens them in a couple days!”

James, who turns three tomorrow, looks like he’ll be graced by a visit from his mom, who’s excited to watch the toddler open his gifts. Amber shares son James with her ex, Andrew Glennon.

The ex-couple didn’t end things well, and Amber was infamously arrested for allegedly attacking Andrew with a machete while he held their son. Andrew was awarded primary custody of James and according to an insider, Amber gets to see her son a few days a week.

What was meant as a happy post for her baby boy’s upcoming birthday turned ugly when trolls commented about her parenting

One of Amber’s followers commented to the 30-year-old mom of two, “Well at least your spending one of your children’s birthday with them…..”

“She’s clueless to wheat [sic] motherhood really is. Instead of hating on Kristina, takes [sic] notes. I literally learn from every mother I know,” said another troll.

Another told the MTV personality, “You can’t buy love. Children want your time and affection not your money.”

“Having a sober healthy momma is the best gift you can give him. Maybe a Christmas gift,” said another one of Amber’s 1.7m followers.

Some of Amber’s fans defended her against trolls’ comments

“I wish we could petition for you to get him back full time I’m not asking you to speak on the situation just giving my thoughts happy early birthday to him !!!”

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Amber’s fans attacked her choice of gifts for son James. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

Another fan came to Amber’s defense and didn’t see the need for trolls to attack her, “I’m so confused as to why the people in the comments even follow amber? Easy to have a rude opinion on someone you only know based off a heavily edited tv show.”

They continued, “People with mental health issues don’t need strangers following them just to talk shit under their comments. Don’t follow people on social media that you do not like or empathize with. Normalize keeping unsolicited advice to yourself.”

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Though many of Amber’s followers criticized her parenting, some came to her defense. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

Despite the hate she receives, Amber continues to share on social media

It seems that no matter what Amber posts these days, trolls are ready to attack her in the comments. After a dramatic exit during the Teen Mom OG reunion that ended in Amber walking off the stage, it appeared that the reality star has been trying to keep things calm with her posts.

Instead of bashing Kristina Shirley on social media, Amber has been sharing body motivation pics, beginning a new diet, and enrolling in college courses at Perdue University.

Previously, Amber went on several online tirades, bashing her daughter Leah’s stepmom, Kristina during an IG live video, and attacking Kristina once again in a now-deleted series of posts after a fan asked her about her son, James.

Hopefully Amber is on the path to turn her life around for good, as she tries to put her past behind her and work on a relationship with her kids, Leah and James.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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