Amber Portwood ‘went after boyfriend Andrew with machete’ as he held their baby son: He files for custody

Amber Portwood
More details are surfacing about Amber Portwood’s arrest. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood was arrested late last week after an alleged fight in the middle of the night with her live-in boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. At the time it was reported Andrew reached out to authorities for assistance as he felt that the lives of him and their one-year-old son, James, were in danger.

Details have been scarce, but now new information has been shared about what may have actually happened. And if the accusations turn out to be true, it appears Andrew didn’t overreact.

Amber has been charged with three counts, two of them being felonies and one being a misdemeanor. One of the felonies is reported to be criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon.

Court documents from Marion County Superior Court in Indiana reveal that she was charged with one count of domestic battery for knowingly touching Andrew Glennon in a rude or angry manner, which is the misdemeanor. The deadly weapon charge relates to Amber reportedly using a machete to break down a door which Andrew was standing on the other side of — while holding James.

The machete count is a felony, as her actions allegedly created a substantial risk of bodily harm to Andrew. The second felony charge is that Portwood knowingly touched him in a “rude, insolent or angry manner” in the presence of a child. According to reports, she is said to have struck him with a shoe.

Unlike previous Teen Mom stars, Andrew didn’t wait long to take action after the alleged incident happened on July 5 — with a motion for a no-contact order filed on July 9, 2019. This morning, there was reportedly an order issued granting the motion for a no-contact order.

It was reportedly a woman who bailed Amber out of jail, not Andrew Glennon. Amber is expected in court today.

Yesterday, Andrew filed for a petition for paternity-related orders and asked for an emergency hearing regarding the custody of James. A source close to the couple has revealed that Andrew wants full custody.

“Andrew is doing it as a protective measure to ensure whatever happens with upcoming court rulings, their son will have the best outcome regardless,” a source told US Weekly yesterday. “Amber and Andrew still really care about each other and this is not the end of their relationship.”

However, the source also reveals that this isn’t the end of Amber and Andrew, but he’s simply taking the custody action to protect himself and James from whatever legal issues may surface given Amber is facing two felonies and a misdemeanor.

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