Amani Randall suggests she’s losing patience after receiving ‘unsolicited pregnancy advice’

Amani Randall
Amani Randall addresses the unsolicited advice she’s received while pregnant. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amani Randall has lots of supporters after becoming a fan favorite on Married at First Sight Season 11. 

Since announcing her pregnancy with husband Woody Randall, Amani has received an outpouring of love and support from her family, friends, and fans.

However, it appears Amani has also received lots of unsolicited advice throughout her pregnancy as well. 

Recently, Amani made a video to address her thoughts and reaction to receiving all the unrequested advice. 

Amani Randall reacts to receiving ‘unsolicited pregnancy advice’ 

Amani Randall made a TikTok touching on the influx of advice that she’s received while pregnant. 

Amani wrote over the video, “resisting the urge to say ‘I didn’t ask you’ when someone is giving me unsolicited pregnancy advice.” 

In the video, Amani also claps her hands, waves her finger, and rubs her belly while mouthing audio that says,  “Don’t. Don’t say that.” 


Resisting the urge to curse ppl out for giving unsolicited pregnancy advice #dontsaythat #pregnancyjourney #pregnancylife

♬ original sound – lounginwithtony

Amani also shared the video on Instagram and captioned the post, “I’m a patient person but sometimes it’s hard not to respond to unsolicited pregnancy advice. Stay Blessed!” 

Amani Randall's caption
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani Randall’s post strikes a chord with commenters and Love is Blind star Iyanna McNeely

Many people could relate to Amani’s feelings about unsolicited advice, and they took to her comment section to voice their understanding. 

One commenter wrote, “The unsolicited advice and unwelcome belly rubs. I canceled all that sh*t in the name of pregnancy peace. Namaste yourself out of my womb.” 

Amani resonated with the comment, replying, “girl yes!!! Like don’t touch me and no idc what you think.” 

Iyanna McNeely, one of the breakout stars from Love is Blind Season 2, also commented under Amani’s post, voicing her agreement. 

Iyanna married Jarrette Jones in the second season of Love is Blind, becoming one of the two couples that stuck together after the show. 

While Iyanna isn’t pregnant like Amani, she aired out her own frustrations with receiving unsolicited marriage advice as she and Jarrette are newly married. 

Iyanna wrote, “this is how I feel about unsolicited marriage advice. I can only imagine what pregnancy/parenting will be like.” 

Amani, who certainly is familiar with getting married on television, responded, “girl the marriage advice is a whole different demon to deal with.” 

Amani Randall's comment section
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani has a few more months before she’s expected to give birth to her baby in June. Time will tell what other posts she shares documenting her pregnancy journey. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Robin Roderick
Robin Roderick
1 year ago

Congrats on the baby you and Woody are a fav couple of mine prayers for save delivery and healthy baby