All the weddings from Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance ranked

Anny tries on her wedding dress
Anny tries on her wedding dress. Pic Credit: TLC
Anny tries on her wedding dress
Anny tries on her wedding dress. Pic Credit: TLC

According to fans, Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance wasn’t the most exciting, but viewers certainly got to see a lot of weddings.

All but two of the Season 7 couples had their weddings featured on the show. It’s worth noting that all of the couples married on the show this season are still together.

The weddings were as different as the couples that planned them. Some, however, turned out better than others. Here’s which weddings we loved and which ones we didn’t, ranked.

It’s worth stating though that all of the weddings were great, but there was quite a bit of competition this time around as all of the couples seemed to plan at least a little something special to celebrate their big day.

6. Robert & Anny

TLC faked us out with this wedding — they made us think Robert was getting cold feet, but really he was just proposing to Anny. Yes, he proposed to his fiancé at their wedding.

It was a bizarre choice, but this family is unusual, to say the least. Otherwise, the wedding was pretty normal.

Robert wore a gaudy red tux that matched 5-year-old Bryson’s, but Bryson definitely pulled it off much better. Anny looked fabulous, though, even though she had a seriously tight budget for her wedding dress.

5. Emily & Sasha

Emily at her wedding
Emily at her wedding. Pic Credit: TLC

For Sasha, the third wedding might be the charm.

He and Emily tied the knot on an Oregon beach, and it was Sasha’s first time seeing the ocean (so cute!)

The setting was great, but the wedding itself was a little underwhelming. The couple had the beach in the background, but they also said their vows on a weird, weedy hill with random people in hoodies walking by.

Kind of killed the mood.

4. Anna & Mursel

Mursel at his wedding to Anna
Mursel at his wedding to Anna. Pic Credit: TLC.

Anna and Mursel’s wedding wasn’t the most elaborate, but they get major credit for throwing it together in like 10 minutes.

During the 90 Days, Mursel’s parents’ disapproval of his relationship got to him, and he decided to return home. But shockingly, Mursel changed his mind, and the couple managed to get his visa re-issued.

The renewed visa allowed Mursel to return to marry Anna but left the couple with only six hours between the time Mursel arrived back to America and the time the visa would expire.

In the end, Mursel and Anna pulled it off and had a backyard wedding just in time. It was surprisingly formal for such a rushed wedding.

Anna wore a real wedding dress, the couple had family and friends present, and they even managed to decorate a bit.

3. Blake & Jasmin

Jasmin's father walks her down the aisle
Jasmin’s father walks her down the aisle. Pic Credit: TLC

Blake and Jasmin got married at an LA park where he used to play as a kid.

Jasmin wore a mid-length white dress rather than a gown. She kept it super simple and made it clear as the wedding day neared that she wasn’t really trying to put on a big show. She actually had never even been to a wedding before.

It wasn’t everyone’s type of wedding, but Jasmine and Blake are a pretty low-key couple, especially Jasmin, so it fits their style. Jasmin looked happy in Blake’s presence for the first time pretty much all season.

2. Tania & Syngin

Tania and Syngin getting their wedding tattoos
Tania and Syngin getting their wedding tattoos. Pic Credit: TLC

Tania and Syngin had a very nice wedding, but lost points for their pathological need to be “unique.”

Tania wore a black dress because, god forbid, she does something normal, and the two got tattoos instead of rings because — of course they did.

I question Syngin’s decision to get a tattoo for someone who specifically said she doesn’t view him as a soulmate, but I guess that’s his call.

Their vows were cute and personal, and although the tattoos may not have been the best decision, they were symbolic and meaningful to the couple.

Despite Tania’s procrastination, the decorations came out really nice, and the evening wedding looked beautiful.

1. Michael & Juliana

Michael's son Max gives a speech at the wedding
Michael’s son Max gives a speech at the wedding. Pic Credit: TLC

Michael and Juliana got married in a small but seriously beautiful backyard wedding.

Juliana’s dress, which she brought with her from Brazil, was absolutely stunning. The decorations were on point, and everybody seemed happy.

The one questionable aspect of this wedding was the officiant. For some reason, Michael thought it would be a great idea to have his ex-wife Sarah officiate his wedding.

It’s great that they have a good relationship, but that is so, so weird.

Michael and Juliana really lucked out here. They get the #1 spot hands-down because of Michael’s kids’ speeches.

Max and Cece really killed it and definitely made their wedding day special and also made it impossible to rank their wedding as anything except the absolute best.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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