Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown opens up about ‘an addict’s behavior’ after Matt Brown’s recent claims

Noah Brown and Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown cites Matt Brown’s substance abuse issues. Pic credit; Discovery

Noah Brown has never been a man of many words and has been reluctant to share his personal life with fans. But the Alaskan Bush People star is now speaking out regarding the claims that his older brother, Matt Brown, put forth.

Matt revealed during an Instagram Story that his family, specifically his parents, played a part in his substance abuse issues. The oldest Brown told followers that the production crew had been the ones to originally give Billy and Ami Brown the cocaine that would eventually ruin his life.

The 37-year-old has been estranged from his entire family for some time. The reality star went to rehab in 2019 for six months. During his social media confessional, he shared that the lies had affected him negatively.

Noah Brown speaks out

Now, Noah is taking to his Instagram to speak out on the toll it takes on a family to have an addict within their tight-knit circle. Concerns have been raised by fans regarding the state of the Discovery Channel show after the loss of the family patriarch, Billy Brown. 

After Matt went public with his claims, Noah posted a number for a hotline that could help addicts. He then captioned his photo with a definition and a note saying “This message is intended to draw attention to the struggle that the families of these individuals are going through on a daily basis, God Bless and stay strong.”

Noah’s post was passive-aggressive as he also tagged Matt. The screenshot showed information for SAMHSA’s and the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The off the grid star went on to write, “an Addict’s behavior, is erratic compared to everyone else. At their low point, they will not ask for help but they will ask for money for food.” 

The post went on to read “they say thank you and then ask for money to buy clothes… and then go on to ask for twenty dollars for gas…..once you remind them that they don’t own a car…then they change and get defensive and hostile.” 

None of the Wolf Pack supports Matt

According to the post “they lash out and do anything that they can to hurt you or the people that you care about, they lie, steal, and break into your house.” The eldest child also had claimed that his father Billy withheld money from the entire family

It’s safe to say that none of the Brown family backs the prodigal son. Matt is currently living in California and celebrated his one year of being sober. While Noah recently announced that he and his wife, Rhain Alisha are expecting their second child.

The Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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