Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams claps back at trolls

Bear, River, and Raiven
Raiven was not happy with a troll lashing out at Bear. Pic credit: @bearbrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Adams has been relatively quiet since her split with Bear Brown. On Thursday, she decided to come out of hiding and comment on a troll’s statement regarding her child.

In a post shared by @realityduchess, the mother of one clapped back at a naysayer who posted a response to the writer’s questions asking what Bear could have to announce after he shared a cryptic post himself.

The hater wrote, “That he beats his kid?”

Raiven replied saying, “Yeah, let’s not comment stuff like this.” 

Raiven posted her own comeback to the hate

The mean comment was deleted, and Raiven also deleted her remark as well. She then took to her own Instagram to share an ambiguous nod to her ex-fiance, Bear.

Raiven hits back
Pic credit: @realityduchess/Instagram

She shared a video montage of her son on TikTok and Instagram while also tagging Bear in the post. She wrote, “We may have spent all this time being lost trying to fix ourselves. I wish we would have done that before we had you, but we have done a tremendous job making sure you are loved and happy.”

The Alaskan Bush People star ended the post by saying, “Things may have been rocky for a while, but for you, it’s always been love.”

Pic credit: @riv3rs_m0mma_/Instagram

In her TikTok post, she captioned the video, “You’ve seen the drama but have you seen how much this boy is loved?” A fan then commented on how they co-parented.


You’ve seen the drama but have you seen how much this boy is loved ?

♬ ghost town voice memo (full version out now) – chloe george

Raiven shared that they “separate their relationship from co-parenting because we’ve had a rocky relationship, so co-parenting never changes.”

The photographer also revealed that it still hurts her that the Wolf Pack didn’t support her in the beginning, but she always tries to come from a place of understanding. 

Raiven’s loving tribute

The entire video showed not only Raiven and River but Bear included in every picture leading fans to wonder if they have worked out their differences or if this was just a sign of mutual support. 

Alaskan Bush People lovers know that it was not a birthday post for River since he just had his first birthday in March. It makes sense that whatever is going on within Bear’s life, Raiven has been made privy to it. 

Bear and Raiven’s relationship dissolved

The Alaskan Bush People pair broke up back in April. Bear announced the news with a dramatic flair. He shared a picture of himself in a tuxedo while sitting in the shower holding an engagement ring. 

Raiven also revealed that the two had gone their separate ways in a post of her own, where she revealed the reality TV stars were on a different path. 

Bear has taken to his newfound single life. The Discovery Channel star has been posting a plethora of selfies with no caption on his Instagram. But Bear has just teased supporters with an important announcement coming in the near future. 

Until the exciting update, fans of Alaskan Bush People can only speculate on his news. 

The Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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