Alaskan Bush People: Bear claims he has a major announcement

Bear Brown
Bear Brown left fans waiting for a special announcement. Pic credit: @Bearbrownkingofextreme/Instagram

The Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown stunned followers when he posted a now-deleted photo stating he had some big news. But instead of sharing the gossip, he left fans on a cliffhanger.

Bear Brown’s cryptic post

The photo was a selfie that showed him looking solemn, staring right into the camera. He told his followers that he would be making an announcement in the coming weeks. 

In a second post, the king of extreme shared a photo of himself, standing off in the distance as he posed on a rock. Immediately, Alaskan Bush People fans started to speculate what the possible news could be.

Alaskan Bush People fans have ideas

One follower, who acted more as a troll wrote, “Gay???” But supporters of Bear quickly knocked down that thought bubble.

A fan of the Alaskan Bush People star voiced some positive thoughts writing, “I hope all your family can accept your differences & find peace & reunite. ✝️☮️”

Bear’s cryptic post left Alaskan Bush People fans on shaky ground as they pondered what possibly could be the exciting news. The network has yet to announce a new season.

Bear post
Pic credit: @bearbrownkingofextreme/Instagram

In a second post, Bear showed off his extreme wildlife skills as he rolled down a mountain. A follower so eloquently noted, “& this is why he is single.”

Fan of bear brown
Pic credit: @Bearbrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Another Discovery Channel viewer wrote, “I think he should be caring for his kid instead of pretending to be acting like a goof!”

Pic credit: Bearbrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Bear is known for his flair

Bear has been the most vocal out of the entire Wolf Pack and was the first to announce his father, Billy Brown’s passing back in February. 

Since then, he has also broken up with Raiven Adams, the mother of his son, River. The duo had a toxic relationship at best, with Raiven calling the family show fake and even accusing Bear of cocaine use.

After trying three unsuccessful times to make his courtship work, the first time mother and father called it quits back in April. 

The Alaskan Bush People fan favorite has always had a flair for the dramatics. When he announced he was single again, he did it through an Instagram post where he was sitting in the shower wearing a tuxedo.

As of now, the only thing fans can do is wait on bated breath for Bear to share a follow post, letting followers know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. 

The Alaskan Bush People are currently on hiatus. 

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