Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown reveals further family unrest

Matt ABP
The Alaskan Bush People’s Matt fought with one of his brothers. Pic credit: Discovery Channel.

The eldest of the Alaskan Bush People children, Matt Brown, is seeking to continue to share his side of the story regarding his battle with his immediate family. Since leaving the show back in 2016, Matt has been ostracised, and he is finally fighting back. 

Matt Brown had a rough day

Over the weekend, Matt took to Instagram to update his loyal followers about a recent encounter with one of his brothers and his mother, Ami Brown. He posted a video and captioned it writing, “hi friends, a quick update on my family stuff and thanks for being there ?”

The Alaskan Bush People star revealed he had a “rough day” after venturing into town to visit his mother at her mountain homestead in Washington. Matt took off his cowboy hat to show the stress veins as he started talking into the camera. 

He told fans, “I had a really rough day yesterday, see for the past almost month, I had been talking to one of my brothers who told me he was talking to the rest of my family about getting me paid for working on their show.”

“I was being really cool. I deducted everything I had spent, my previous rehabs stuff like that, I was being really understanding. Trying not only just to get what’s mine but to reunite with the family – letting them know I’m not the guy that’s off the rails anymore, and how hard I’ve worked on myself and getting over the issues from my childhood and from the time filming the show.”

As he wiped away tears, Matt continued, “I found out yesterday – it’s like he was trying to set me off again.” The Alaskan Bush People star shared with supporters that his brother told him he deserved “to be stolen from because I am an alcoholic.”

Matt’s learned behavior came from Billy Brown

Matt also divulged that he originally learned how to respond from Billy Brown, saying, “I had learned to respond as my dad did around me when he was an alcoholic.”

It was evident that Matt had been triggered by his sibling, although he never mentioned which one, but some believed it could have been Noah Brown since he has been the only brother to speak against Matt’s allegations. 

Matt Brown left defeated 

In the end, Matt just hopped back on his bicycle and left the altercation behind him. Matt did make it perfectly clear that “They always say stuff that isn’t true about me and my addiction, and I realize they are never going to do the right thing, and I was never treated right.”

Matt signed off, clearly defeated, adding, “They took what I had worked so hard for.”

Alaskan Bush People fans will recall that Matt spoke out against his family shortly after Billy passed away in February. The eldest of the Wolf Pack claimed his parents and production had gotten him hooked on cocaine.

The sad saga of the Brown family continues with Discovery Channel fans seriously questioning if any of these allegations will be addressed on a new season of the Alaskan Bush People.

The Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

I have watched every episode of Alaskan Bush People and have always admired how Billy and Ami raised their children. Always taught to love each other and stick together. Drugs, as most people know will change a person for the worst and cocaine is probably the king of drugs because it makes the person change into a completely different person. If Matt is no longer doing drugs, he has gone through Hell to do that. Come on, stop all the fighting and do what you’ve been taught.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

It breaks my heart to watch the old episodes and see that Matt is clearly suffering from
an anxiety disorder. Imagine living such a dangerous lifestyle (especially as a child) when
you are prone to suffer anxiety. No wonder he tried to self-medicate.

Pahbradley Hopson-Bradley
Pahbradley Hopson-Bradley
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I have seen many many children come through my home from dysfunctional families. They are dysfunctional. I think that Matt has tried to walk in his father’s shoes and never was good enough. You can’t understand years of issues and a few years if a reality show. Pluse drinking and hard living are a toxic mix

5 months ago

As for the sibling that is making Matt look truly like the guilty one I have to look to Bam as he it so criticizing of everyone, everyone’s work. No one can do anything right for him so I think he’s the one that is giving Matt the hard time and has probably put the ideas in Amis head because he thinks he knows everything. To be told he “deserved to be stolen from because he was a alcoholic” was out right cold and mean. It definitely sounds like what Bam would say. Bam is one that stands back and watches as he tells his brothers and sisters what to do. And most of the time he’s not right.

And what gives the right for a brother to say something that so cold to his brother when the eldest has sought out treatment, has asked for help, and that brother is turning him away? Where is the love of the brothers. Where is the love of the family. The family bond. That’s why I believe it’s Bam because he has fed a bunch of crap to Ami to push Matt away even further when Matt is trying to work his way back into the family.