Alaskan Bush People: All the times Billy Brown blamed the U.S. government

Billy Brown looking into the sky.
Billy Brown was never a fan of the government. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Before Billy Brown’s untimely death back in February due to a seizure, the Alaskan Bush People star has made numerous claims that fans may have debunked.

Avid watchers of the Alaskan Bush People started to notice a trend shortly after the show’s debut back in 2014; the government ruins everything. 

The shoot out

Back in the early days of the Discovery Channel show, fans watched as the family seemingly was herded from their home in Alaska. In the Fight or Flight episode, viewers watched in horror as it looked like the entire Brown family were involved in a shoot-out.

What unfolded was the entire family being woken up in the middle of the night so the Brown men could go explore the ruckus. After more gunshots are heard, Billy tells cameras, “This land is not worth dying for.” 

However, according to Anchorage Daily News, at the time, the Alaska State Troopers said no one affiliated with Alaskan Bush People show had reported any shots fired. 

Not neighborly behavior

Instead, it was alleged that the noise was caused by a neighbor shooting off fireworks at a filming helicopter because it was disturbing his family dinner. Fans immediately grew weary after the Wolf Pack claimed they have always lived a secluded life. 

Billy Brown telling cameras his story. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Early on in the same episode, Billy made allegations against the USA for burning down his family home, which he said he built by hand. The patriarch could never prove this. As usual for the Brown family, facts failed to support Billy’s claim and, in the end, changed his story to say he wasn’t home.

Billy changed his story

But some viewers felt that the patriarch changed his story because the feds were on his case. This leads us to the next red flag in which Billy claimed to be an Alaskan resident when he wasn’t. 

The state of Alaska gives all of its residents who qualify rights to their minerals that are mined. The Alaska dividend program has specific requirements for the length of time in the state.

Almost the entire family was charged with lying on Permanent Fund Dividend applications. Billy and Bam pled guilty to one count of second-degree unsworn falsification, which is a misdemeanor.

Billy flat out lied

But viewers of the Alaskan Bush People never felt that Billy ever felt remorse for cheating the United States government. The only explanation he gave was when he spoke to People saying, “Because of the way we live our lives and the way we often unconventionally travel, I didn’t keep good track of our movements.”

While it is only fair to point out that the Brown family has lied about other minor storylines, these two are the biggest since they had severe implications and repercussions with the United States government. 

The Alaskan Bush People are currently on hiatus.

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1 month ago

I watched ABP faithfully 4 years. I still do but not like before because well Billy passing don’t help; However, the fact the BROWNS push themselves as being ALL LOVING loyal 2 FAMILY can’t be true because we witnesses Them throwing AWAY Matt there big brother no acknowledging MATT OR THERE, PROBLEMS WOW not so family orientated is that action alone BUT saying Josh is the oldest and the erasing of Matt like he NEVER WAS is CRAZY, shity, but really cold hearted and NOT A LOVING FAMILY $$$$$$$$$$ as I See it THIS CHANEL DISCOVERY I think runs there life BECAUSE OF MONEY BIG MONEY $$$$ (millions no matter how they cry poverty u dont be poor after a 10 plus yearseries$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)this channel helped breakup this family! 💔 ? Matt is more REAL than any of the other BROWNS. WE FANS DONT KNOW THE REAL STORY, but we’re pushed by this 2 pick who 2 follow MATT OR THE OTHERS.×××××× Amie as a mom who just stays silent as all her kids verbally beat up Matt or her SILENCE is cold hearted towards MATT and us fans who helped make her rich.$$$$$$$ no Matter how these BROWNS cry poverty after 10 plus YEARS with there series $$$$money is NO ISSUE 4 THEM . they don’t even live on that ranch it’s a TV prop$$$$ It’s horrible 2 c them so hateful towards Matt COLD HEARTS and not as they play on there series not close just ACTING 2 B. This is A $$$$$ high paying job $$$ that they KEEP AT ALL COST 2 FAMILY! FAKES….unlike Matt……….Afan…….