Alaskan Bush People premiere date: New season set to start on Discovery

Billy Brown Last Season
The Alaskan Bush People are back with a new season on September 19. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Alaskan Bush People fans were treated to some exciting news over the weekend. The long-awaited new season will be premiering soon on Discovery after a long hiatus.

The network announced the good news on its Instagram profile with a teaser trailer. Season 13 will be dedicated to the late Billy Brown. Discovery Channel released a statement saying, “The Browns rise from the ashes of a wildfire to face the loss of their beloved patriarch Billy Brown on a new season of #AlaskanBushPeople. ?”

Alaskan Bush People fans were also told to “Watch the new season, which the family has dedicated to Billy, when it premieres on @discovery and @discoveryplus September 19.”

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Billy Brown’s last days were filmed

The first Season 13 sneak peek for Alaskan Bush People opened up with Bam Brown’s voice and a view of the majestic mountain. The second eldest Brown stated, “Da told us one day we would have to carry on without him.”

The new footage jumped right into the 911 call Gabriel Brown made on the frosty night in February when his father passed away. Bird then speaks, saying, “Looking back, Da knew his time in this world was coming to an end.”

Even though the Alaskan Bush People lost their patriarch, they are now more determined than ever to fight for their total freedom. The new season will show a defining year for the Browns.

The Discovery Channel cameras will air footage of Billy before his death as he talks about getting back to nature and realizing his lifelong dreams. 

The father and leader of the Wolf Pack have his kids installing zip lines and mining for silver and gold. 

The Brown family even heads back to Alaska, with Bird admitting she felt the call. The kids revisited Brown Town, where the family first got their start. 

The footage looks like all of Billy’s children make an appearance, except for Matt Brown, who left the series a few years back.

Alaskan Bush People viewers respond 

There seemed to be a mixed bag of emotions from fans, with @ParkRanger56 writing, “I’ve watched this show since the first season. I won’t this year due to the treatment of Matt and the family’s credibility ?.”

Pic credit: @AlaskanBushPeople/Instagram

@liz_rham penned, “This made me so emotional ?.”

@Fatume9029 posted what most followers were thinking, writing, “Finally best show ever is coming ?.’

There is no doubt that the newest season of the Alaskan Bush People is set to be an emotional ride. Not only are the children struggling, but the entire Wolf Pack is feeling lost without their fearless leader.

Hopefully, the Browns can pull themselves together enough to make it through what looks like another harsh winter. We can’t wait to see how it all plays out when the series returns.

The Alaskan Bush People premieres on Sunday, September 19 on Discovery and discovery+.

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R. Jacoby
R. Jacoby
2 years ago

Brown family,
Please know that your dad achieved amazing feats of parenting– considering he didn’t
have much of a family himself. He was full of love for his family-children, wife. Don’t listen
to the trolls who are so unhappy without Jesus. Your dad gave it all to God, he raised his
children the best he knew how and used the love and wisdom of God to take them thru a difficult journey. Freedom is never free without a fight and sometimes loss. A lesson
America needs right now. Billy will be watching out for you, you’ll see him in the breezes-
the landscape, boats and the eyes and hearts of your family. So don’t despair. As
we believe in God, believe in your dad and know that he is there in everything you do
and is always watching out for you and there for you in your hearts and spirits.