Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown gives an update on his baby birds

Matt Brown in the Alaskan wilderness.
Matt Brown out in the wilderness. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People is one proud papa; well, bird father at least. Most of his followers are aware that he has been nursing a nest of small birds near his home after their mother didn’t survive the winter.

He’s done his best to keep the birds healthy and fed. And while he did lose one, leading to much sadness, it looks like the rest are doing great.

Matt Brown’s birds are flying high

In an Instagram video, Matt updated his supporters on the bird’s well-being, showing them fluttering around him. He greeted viewers with his typical “hello friends.” His little babies are not so little anymore.

The wilderness expert explained that he took them out last night as the heatwave cooled for the evening and noticed they were eating much more. The birds had foraged for ants that were living in Matt’s garden. 

Birds of a feather

The eldest Brown explained to followers that this was a good source of protein for his wild pets. He explained that they were “adorable” but were still acting like babies as one playfully pecked at his hand. 

The loving birds never strayed too far from their adoptive father and kept walking on his shoes. The birds have taken to swimming, and Matt now places a bowl of water in the cage each day to keep them cool and hydrated. 

Matt went on to explain that he was going to teach the birds how to hunt for their own food by burying worms in the ground so they could learn how to peck them out of the soil. 

Fans think Matt is a bird whisper

The reality TV star has not yet named his birds but did admit that he often calls them with bird noises that sound like cooing. He joked that his name in their language was “squawk squawk.” 

Admirers may remember that back in June, Matt broke down after waking up to find that one of his birds had fallen from the nest and frozen during the night. The 37-year old was distraught and sent out a viral video that shared his grief. 

The bird whisper also noted that he would be starting a new Instagram account consisting of group therapy, inspirational videos, and other account videos. His goal is to create a group that people can relate to and feel safe sharing in. 

The Alaskan Bush People star didn’t go into detail about when the account would be up and running. He only said he was currently working on it and would be grateful for any name suggestions. 

The Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus. 

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