Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown breaks down over baby bird’s death

Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown opens up about bird’s death. Pic Credit: Matt Brown/ Instagram.

Alaskan Bush People fans watched as Matt Brown broke down on his social media while revealing that the flock of baby birds he cared for had a hard night in the cold. This loss comes only a couple of months after the Wolf Pack had to say goodbye to their patriarch, Billy Brown.

The reality star emotionally connected to viewers in his Instagram Story over the Memorial Day weekend as he shared that the baby bird had fallen out of the nest in the middle of the night. The chick found it hard to make it through the night when the temperatures dropped. 

Matt breaks some sad news

Matt, who has been living off the land, took some baby birds under his wings and kept followers in the loop regarding their progress.

As he fought back the waterfall of tears, he told fans, “I have some sad news. One of the baby birds passed away last night. The house had gotten kind of cold, and it crawled out of its nest in the middle of the night.”

The reality star continued saying, “And it got really cold, and it was really stiff and cold when I found it. I tried to warm it up and feed it, and it passed away. The other two are okay.” Fans empathized with his heartbreak and tried to reassure him he had done the best he could.

Two birds survived the cold night

The Alaskan Bush People star explained the other two baby birds were cold, but he “got them warm and fed.” Telling his social media followers that it was going to be okay even as he cried. 

 The eldest Brown reassured fans, saying, “It’s going to be okay. It’s just sad. I’ll pick myself back up…” When he had pulled himself together, he even shared another video of him making a small grave for the animal.

Matt seemed to perk up later in the evening as he posted an update explaining that “it’s important to process our feelings. Processing our feelings in the moment, help us not carry them around to come out later in an unhealthy way. Or keep us sad. Thanks for being out there friends :).”

The bird’s spirit lives on

Since the small bird’s untimely death, Matt has decided to make the surviving baby bird’s nest a bit sturdier. He showed fans how he made a deeper bottom in the box to help make it warmer for them. 

In the last few days, fans have been able to see the remaining birds get stronger as he hand-fed them, and now they seem to be thriving along with Matt, who has also been in better spirits. 

Alaskan Bush People are currently on hiatus.

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