Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown thanks fans for their support

Gabe Brown carrying a log. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Since the untimely passing of the Alaskan Bush People’s patriarch Billy Brown in February, the entire Wolf Pack has been trying to cope. Not all of the Browns have been open with their mourning process.

But some family members have been extremely vocal when it comes to sharing their grief with their thousands of followers. While Bear Brown has been the most open with his updates to fans, Gabe Brown isn’t too far behind.

Gabe Brown shares a new photo with his fans

This week, Gabe Brown posted a photo of himself in black and white as he reminisced of better days. The reality TV star posed laying down while looking up at the heavens.

The father of one captioned his photo, writing, “I know a place where dreams are born.” 

Gabe then added a shout-out to all his followers who have stood by him through this difficult period in his life, saying, “Thank you all for the support, prayers, and well wishes.”

A big thank you

The Alaskan Bush People star continued, “It helps more than you know, not just on this post, but all of them from all of my family, and yes, It’s a line from a very special song. G-night all God bless.”

The father of one hasn’t been a staple on the show in a few seasons. Gabe chose to leave the wilderness behind after his wife Raquell gave birth to their daughter Sophie in 2019. 

Gabe had even given up Instagram around the same time but returned to the platform in April of 2021. Since then, he has posted some dark pictures, which had fans worried at one point. 

The creative juices are flowing

Along with his self taken portraits, he has also shared a few of his art pieces. It seems most of the Brown men have taken to some form of art medium. Matt, Bear, and Gabe Brown all seem to have a knack for drawing.

While Bear also has shown a few homemade movies. For now, it looks like Gabe and the rest of his family are doing the best they can with the loss of Billy. 

There has not been any update from the Discovery Channel about whether or not there will be a new Alaskan Bush People season.

The Alaskan Bush People are currently on hiatus.

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