Alaskan Bush People: Bam breaks long social media silence to thank fans

Bam Brown has come back to social media. Pic credit: Discovery

Bam Brown of the Alaskan Bush People recently reactivated his social media account after a long hiatus.

The serious Brown sibling broke his Instagram silence by posting a touching tribute to his followers who have stood by his side.

Bam Brown gave an update on the new season of Alaskan Bush People

The selfie showed Bam reflecting on his father’s words as he stared off into the abyss.

Bam revealed to fans, “When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad taught me that this world can be a dark place and that it’s our job to shine light wherever we can.”

“They taught me that when it’s hard, when you want to fall to the ground and cry, when everything in you says give up, that is when you must keep going, when you must have courage and faith.”

Bam shared, “Da never cared about money or fame. What he did care about was family, faith and freedom.”

Bam also revealed some wise words his father, Billy Brown, had passed down to his children, saying, “Da once said that if our show made just one person smile, and brought light into just one persons’ life, even for just a moment, then it was worth all of it.”

Lastly, Bam thanked fans, “To all the honorary members of The Wolf Pack, Thank you. Thank you for being a part of our family, and letting us be a part of yours. Thank you for your prayers, support and the love you have all shown for my family. Never give up. Never surrender.✌?❤️?”

Alaskan Bush People fans showed Bam support

One fan commented, “The world would be a little warmer if there were more people with such thoughts. I wish you and your family all the best and lots of strength. Keep your head up ?.”

Pic credit: @respectthedanger/Instagram

Another Alaskan Bush People follower wrote, “Glad to hear from you! I cannot imagine how tough the year has been. ❤️”

Pic credit: @respectthedanger/Instagram

The Wolf Pack has had a trying year

In February, the patriarch, Billy, passed away after suffering a seizure on top of his mountain homestead.

The 911 call was shared in the trailer for the new season of the Alaskan Bush People and played Gabe’s voice as he rang for help.

The middle son pleaded for emergency services to get to their home as soon as possible, but it was too late.

Along with the death of Billy, his oldest son, Matt has opened up a can of worms after accusing his parents and production of getting him hooked on drugs. 

Shortly after Billy’s death, Matt shared in an Instagram Story that he tried reaching out to one of his brothers, but the meeting went sideways.

The recovering addict told followers, “I had a really rough day yesterday, see for the past almost month, I had been talking to one of my brothers who told me he was talking to the rest of my family about getting me paid for working on their show.”

Alaskan Bush People fans learned that Matt’s brother turned on him, leaving the farmer to question his family’s word.

Matt no longer participates in the show leaving Bam to take over the role of leader of the pack. 

Hopefully, Bam can find more time to update fans on his social media while he tries to rebuild his father’s dream.

The Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday at 8/7c on Discovery.

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Angela Reed
1 year ago

I love the show. I watch it all the time it’s on.

1 year ago

me too. love the show .i have watch them all , since it started. hope it keeps going;