Aimee Flores continues to throw shade at eliminated Love Island USA Islander

Isaiah Harmison on Love Island USA
Isaiah Harmison on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Aimee Flores turned heads when she arrived on Love Island USA as the first new person after the original cast hit the island.

More than one guy wanted to get to know her and more than one woman gave her a sideways glance. However, things have changed.

Aimee integrated herself with the group quickly and has become a confidant and friend for several of the Islanders.

However, one thing to watch is Aimee’s expressions around other members of the Love Island USA cast. That was evident in the last few episodes when she was part of the group’s games, and she didn’t even try to hide her expressions when Florita Diaz was making her choice in the recoupling.

However, it was Aimee’s recouping announcement that allowed her to show a little fire as she threw shade at one of the guys who liked her.

Florita makes her feelings know toward Isaiah

When Isaiah Harmison came to the villa, he was trying to figure out who he wanted to be with.

He set his sights on three women and tried to get to know them all. These women were Roxy Ahmad, Aimee, and Cashay Proudfoot.

What hurt Isaiah the most was that he uses many of the same lines when he is talking to women. The fact that he used the same lines with Roxy, Aimee, and Cashay got around thanks to Shannon St. Clair.

When it came time for Isaiah to choose someone, he picked Cashay. He then went in for a kiss, which hurt Aimee, who felt they were rubbing it in her face. This led to the next recoupling, with the girls choosing their partners.

When that time came, Cashay had met Wes Ogsbury and another love triangle started with Aimee. This time, Cashay didn’t want to step on Aimee’s toes again and she chose a friend in Korey Gandy.

Aimee then chose Wes and sent Isaiah home.

Aimee throws shade at Isaiah

None of the girls, Aimee included, trusted Isaiah at the end.

When Cashay chose Korey, it was shocking. When Aimee chose Isaiah, she made a comment that showed what they were both thinking.

She said she chose Wes because he made it clear what he wanted “like a real man.”

When Isaiah was saying goodbye, shellshocked, he did it again. He told Aimee and Cashay the same thing, that they both made the right decision. It might just be how he talks.

However, Aimee wasn’t finished.

In the Wednesday night episode, Aimee was talking to Wes and once again said he acted like a real man and that is why she chose him. It was clear this was aimed at Isaiah and his inability to focus on one woman.

It should tell any man coming on for the rest of the season what Aimee expects her men to act like.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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