Adam Busby responds to follower who accuses OutDaughtered star of blocking fan pages

Adam Busby on OutDaughtered.
Adam Busby claps back after a follower accuses him of blocking fan pages. Pic credit: TLC

Adam Busby is as protective of his family as any dad would be. On his latest Instagram photo of Ava, the OutDaughtered dad clapped back after a follower asked why he was blocking fan pages.

Social media is full of fan pages dedicated to celebrities and shows that followers enjoy. Instagram takes things up a notch, and several accounts share photos the celebrities and reality stars post themselves.

Some are labeled fan accounts, while others are labeled role-playing accounts. There is plenty for the Busby family, and many of them follow Adam and Danielle and comment on everything they share.

What did Adam Busby say?

On the Instagram post of precious Ava Busby, an account asked Adam Busby why he was blocking fan accounts. Apparently, they also run one and don’t want to be blocked by the OutDaughtered star.

In his response, Adam said, in part, “Now they are all acting like i did it foe no reason. ? be mature and respect boundaries and they wouldn’t be blocked.”

Several of these accounts were spamming Adam Busby’s account, making it impossible for any of the fans who had positive feedback or questions to be seen.

He isn’t a mean guy, so for him to have had to block people, it must have been over the top.

Adam Busby's IG comments
Pic credit: @adambuzz/Instagram
Adam's IG comments.
Pic credit: @adambuzz/Instagram

When will the Busbys return to TLC?

Currently, OutDaughtered isn’t airing on TLC. The network gave fans a short season earlier this year, but filming was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Both Adam and Danielle Busby share updates with their followers and keep fans up to date with what is happening in their lives. From adventures to obstacles, these parents are good about keeping things real.

Their adventures have TLC fans aching for more. Adam and Danielle Busby have been part of the network for a few years, and their fan base continues to grow.

Adam fully explained the drama with the fan pages on Instagram, and some people continue to ask why this happened. It looks like his patience is wearing thin, especially having to answer things over and over again.

As the Busbys continue to raise their six little girls and deal with everything that has gone on globally, they continue to share their lives on social media.

OutDaughtered is currently on hiatus.

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