OutDaughtered premiere date: When do the Busbys return to TLC?

Adam and Danielle Busby in an OutDaughtered confessional.
Adam and Danielle Busby are bringing their family back for another season of OutDaughtered. Pic credit: TLC

OutDaughtered is returning to TLC for Season 7 and now, we know when the Busbys will be back to share more of their lives with the world again.

With six rambunctious girls, the season is promising to be full of chaos and drama. Adam and Danielle Busby have their work cut out for them with a preteen and five little girls who are about to celebrate their fifth birthday.

What will the new season of OutDaughtered bring?

Gear up, OutDaughtered fans! A lot is happening in the new season. The Busbys will adapt to scheduling changes when Riley goes ahead to kindergarten while the other girls remain in preschool.

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The season begins with the father-daughter dance on the horizon. Adam Busby planned to take all six of the girls, but that may not happen after he and Danielle try to work through how he will be able to handle it on his own.

Taking a trip is something the Busby family will be doing this season. As they head to Wyoming to experience the snow, they have no idea what will be waiting for them when they return home to Texas. The girls will see snow for the first time and experience skiing while on holiday with their parents.

When they arrive back home, the coronavirus pandemic starts to get real. The Busby family will have to learn how to school all of the girls, remain inside, and reschedule appointments. Texas issued a stay at home order, and that was the beginning of another set of life changes for the Busby household.

With the season not completely filmed, the final episode of OutDaughtered will be completely self-shot. It will be an interesting ending, but a fitting one that will mark what America has been living through over the last several weeks.

When does OutDaughtered return?

Officially, OutDaughtered returns to TLC on June 2. It will be followed by Sweet Home Sextuplets, which has been typical in the past. Two families with multiples on the same night is one way to make TLC the network to watch.

As far as the number of episodes goes, it is unclear how long the show will run given the abrupt shutdown of production due to the pandemic. They were able to wrap up the season, though, which is more than some other shows were able to do.

Following the Busbys each year has been entertaining as the quints and their big sister, Blayke continue to grow. As they approach their fifth birthday, things are about to get more chaotic than ever.

OutDaughtered returns Tuesday, June 2, at 9/8c on TLC

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