Adam Busby enjoys beach day with family, OutDaughtered fans confused over quarantine

Adam Busby on OutDaughtered.
Adam Busby took the family to the beach. Pic credit: TLC

Adam Busby shared photos of the quints at the beach yesterday, leaving some followers wanting to know what happened to quarantine — but there was a perfectly good excuse for their day out.

Several gorgeous photos were shared by the OutDaughtered dad, showing all of the fun the Busby family was having while at the beach. After weeks of being quarantined, it seems it was time to let the six Busby girls out to play for a while.

The Busbys take the beach

Throughout the quarantine put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, Adam Busby has been keeping followers updated on what the family has been up to. From video chatting with grandparents to riding their bikes down the street, the OutDaughtered dad has been sharing it all.

This past weekend, the Busbys took on the beach. Adam shared a few photos of the girls in their element, prompting questions about what happened to their quarantine. While he didn’t respond, the family was at the beach because things in Texas have begun opening back up — and the beaches are currently open.

Spending time at the beach over the weekend was something Adam Busby and his family evidently enjoyed, and it appears from the photos of the girls that they weren’t on beaches packed with people.

Adam Busby asked about quarantine on Instagram.
The beach photos shared by Adam Busby prompted questions about quarantine from fans. Pic credit: @adambuzz/Instagram

When will OutDaughtered return?

As the Busby family enjoys their lives, followers have been left waiting for news about a new season of OutDaughtered and when it will be released.

The family are returning to TV, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Typically, OutDaughtered returns in late spring or early summer. It is believed that the show may return sometime in May, especially with 7 Little Johnstons and Little People, Big World winding down.

The Busby quints celebrated their birthdays last month, which means they are one step closer to kindergarten in the fall. Riley has already been in Kindergarten but with the way the school year ended, what the fall will bring remains to be seen.

OutDaughtered is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC in the coming weeks.

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