When will OutDaughtered return to TLC in 2020?

Adam and Danielle Busby in an OutDaughtered confessional.
Adam Busby is teasing a new OutDaughtered season. Pic credit: TLC

OutDaughtered fans have been waiting for TLC to announce a new season of the show for months. Adam Busby hinted that he knows when the new season will begin on Instagram, but didn’t give any details.

Last time viewers saw the OutDaughtered clan was in the fall of 2019. The season ran for only a few weeks, and since then, Busby fans have been asking Adam and Danielle when they and the girls will return.

When will OutDaughtered be back?

A fan asked Adam Busby on Instagram about a new season. He coyly replied that he knows, but revealed no other details. There has been a lot of speculation about when OutDaughtered will return to TLC, but no definitive answers.

Typically, OutDaughtered paired up with TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets. The Waldrops announced they would be returning later this year with a summer premiere speculated.

If that is the case, OutDaughtered will likely premiere alongside it.

It is safe to bet that May or June will be when the Busby family returns to television. The Busbys have quickly become fan-favorites, and their daughters have won the hearts of viewers.

Adam Busby Instagram comments.
Adam Busby teases new OutDaughtered season. Pic credit: @adambuzz/Instagram

What can you expect next season on OutDaughtered?

There is plenty of things that viewers could be seeing on OutDaughtered for an upcoming season. While four of the quints are still in preschool, Riley has ventured on to kindergarten because she was ready.

That has been a point of contention, and something in which OutDaughtered viewers weighed in heavily. Adam and Danielle Busby spoke about it last season, and by all accounts, Riley is still doing well.

In April, the Busby quints will be celebrating their 5th birthday. This is a big deal, and it means that come fall 2020, all of the girls will be in school.

A lot has changed for the Busbys since welcoming the quints in 2015. They have shared their lives with viewers who have become invested in watching all of the girls grow up.

From their birth through moving and devastating floods in Texas, OutDaughtered has featured some very real moments for the Busby family.

Without a specific return date, OutDaughtered fans are still left hanging.

When it is time to announce, Adam and Danielle Busby will make sure that fans have a heads up so they can tune in and find out what has been happening in their lives for the last few months.

OutDaughtered is expected to return later this year.

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Stacey West
Stacey West
4 years ago

Just love the Busby family. Prayers ? that all is going well for them during this crazy time. Can’t wait to see them on TLC again.