A Bachelor executive says Peter Weber and Julie LaPlaca are indeed ‘very, very close’

Peter Weber
Peter Weber has a close relationship with his producer. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has proudly said that his season is one that you can’t spoil, possibly because he doesn’t even know the outcome yet.

Given his comments and the way Reality Steve has been unable to confirm the finale, there have been a ton of theories as to how everything will play out.

And that includes a theory that he won’t be picking Hannah Ann or Madison.

That theory includes Peter picking a producer to take home to California.

Her name is Julie LaPlaca, and the only reason why this theory surfaced is due to her social media activity.

Peter Weber and Julie LaPlaca are very close

Apparently, Julie has been a frequent poster on Instagram in regards to her work with The Bachelor. And this isn’t just for Peter’s season. She’s been with the show for a few years now.

Now, Rob Mills, an ABC executive, is speaking out about the possibility of Peter ending up with an ABC producer, who has traveled with him.

“I can’t really comment,” Mills says about the rumor in an interview with Variety.

“He is very, very close to her. She’s the producer who is sort of his day-to-day producer, so she’s there with him, and she knows Peter very well and knows his family very well.” Mills adds, “They’re all very fond of her. That is all I will say.”

Fans first started to notice pictures of Julie and Peter on her Instagram, including one of them in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Chris Harrison has previously said that Peter has an intimate relationship with Julie, which didn’t settle the rumor at all. In fact, it just seemed to push it even further, taking all focus away from Madison and Hannah Ann.

Peter Weber’s ending is still unknown

Right now, Peter Weber’s ending remains unknown. Everything will play out during tonight and tomorrow night’s finale episodes.

But it’s still unknown whether Chris will talk about Julie and Peter’s relationship. Sources have said that Peter and Julie are just friends, but that they are close because they filmed the show together and spent every day together for months.

Going through Julie’s Instagram, it’s easy to see that she’s close with previous contestants too. She posed for a photo with Hannah B in Crete.

She’s also close with Becca Kufrin and Garrett after her season of The Bachelorette.

As for Julie, she hasn’t addressed their relationship or claims that they are very close.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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