90 Day: The Single Life: Jess Caroline talks ‘closure’ after confronting Colt Johnson about his cheating ways

Jess Caroline talks about closure after appearing on90 Day:The Single Life Tell All
Did Jess Caroline get closure after the Tell All? Pic credit:Discovery+

Colt Johnson’s ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline has closed a rough chapter after her appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life. But did the red-haired beauty actually get closure from her faceoff with Colt and Vanessa Guerra?

Jess recently admitted that she’s now moving on after finding out the Colt and Vanessa are married and ready to start their new life. However, she also shared that the conversation with the newlyweds didn’t provide much closure after what they did to her.

If you remember, Colt and Jess were dating during their stint on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, but Jess broke up with Colt after finding out that he was cheating on her with Vanessa.

Colt denied that he and Vanessa were anything more than friends, but the couple later admitted that they were indeed having an affair behind Jess’ back.

Jess– who has since moved on and is now married herself– was happy that the couple finally copped up to their past indiscretions, but did she get closure?

Did Jess Caroline get closure at the Tell All?

Jess and her husband Brian made an appearance during Part Two of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All to face off with Colt and Vanessa. And during a recent chat with In Touch Jess shared what she got out of the process.

“I liked being on the tell-all because there is always so much to say and it [gave] me the platform to say what’s on my mind,” commented the Brazilian native.“I have moved on and am so happy in my marriage to Brian [Hanvey] but I of course have a lot to say to a person who has [disrespected] me with their actions over and over.”

She continued, “It may not be really closure, but it [feels] really good. I have moved on happily. I wish them the best, I just hope Colt [learns] to stop being a cheater.”

What happened during the Tell All?

Jess and her husband Brian showed up at the Tell All after confronting Colt and Vanessa during a past episode of 90 Day: The Single Life. After years of denial, the now-married couple eventually admitted that Jess was right about them having an affair.

They both apologized to Jess for their actions, but that didn’t do much to change Jess’s opinion of Colt being a “trash man.”

During Part Two of the Tell All Jess didn’t just have more words for Colt and Vanessa, she had something to say to Colt’s mom Debbie as well who she felt covered up her son’s lies and deceits.

Debbie denied knowing anything about Colt hooking up with Vanessa during his relationship with Jess. Colt quickly dropped a bomb that he and Vanessa had secretly tied the knot and it quelled much of the drama that was taking place on stage.

Jess offered congratulations to the couple and that seemed to end their feud once and for all.

90 Day:The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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