Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra face off with Jess Caroline and her husband on the latest episode of The Single Life

The 90 Day Fiance exes are back to find out what really went down during their relationship. Pic credit: Discovery+

While the newest 90 Day Fiance spin-off, The Single Life, is focused on alums as they jump back in the dating world – this show is digging up some old baggage.

Colt Johnson first made his appearance into the 90 Day Fiance universe when he brought his original Brazilian fiancee, Larissa Lima to his hometown of Las Vegas.

Although that marriage failed miserably, Colt had another chance at love with his new South American beauty, Jess Caroline.

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However, this went equally as terrible as, during their trip to Brazil, Jess had a major suspicion that Colt was cheating on her with his friend Vanessa Guerra.

On the latest episode of The Single Life, Colt and Vanessa go head to head with Jess and her new husband.

Jess Caroline and her husband face off with Colt and Vanessa over drinks

Despite completely denying the affair at the Tell All, according to Colt, he arranged the meeting to apologize to his Brazilian ex for his past indiscretions.

Inviting her new husband, Brian Hanvey, Colt and Vanessa met them for drinks in their home state of Nevada.

Finally confessing that he had been cheating on Jess since their first meeting in Chicago, Jess’s suspicions were finally confirmed. Admitting they probably should’ve broken up a long time ago, he detailed that he’s in love with Vanessa.

“And I lied to you. I lied to you about Vanessa, I lied to you about – was I in love with her,” Colt told his ex.

Not holding anything back, Jess yelled, “You lie to me a lot. You make me [think] I’m crazy.”

Wanting to hear the entire story, she pressed Vanessa for her side, since she doesn’t trust anything that comes out of Colt’s mouth.

Revealing that she and Colt had been talking since his marriage with Larissa, Vanessa has been involved in Colt’s life for a long time.

Giving her a precise timeline, Vanessa told Jess, “We started having sex about a month after you guys started dating.”

Jess found out the truth about Colt’s cheating

Vanessa apologized to Jess for being the other woman in her relationship, but she also revealed that Colt slept with Jess to piss her off.

“And it worked,” Colt chimed in.

Although Jess apologized for calling Vanessa out of her name, she told Colt, “But the problem is you. You’re fake.”

While Jess’s husband Brian kept his cool during the very awkward conversation, this is where he finally told Colt to “shut the f**k up”.

It’s clear Jess got under Vanessa’s skin as she asked, “Vanessa, you really trust him? You know he is going to cheat on you, right?”

“He never going to change Vanessa, I’m sorry.” Making sure her point was crystal clear, Jess said, “You don’t look like Dumbo, you look like smart girl.”

Vanessa said that Colt is “really trying to change” but Jess urged Vanessa to “open her eyes” and that nothing will be different.

Ultimately, Jess told producers in her confessional that she feels sorry for Vanessa.

Colt Admits to Jess He Cheated On Her | 90 Day: The Single Life

Do you think Vanessa will tame Colt or will he cheat on her as he did with his other girlfriends?

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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