90 Day Fiance viewers think Shaeeda is being gaslit by Bilal and his mom

Shaeeda Sween
90 Day Fiance viewers slammed Bilal Hazziez and his mom as gaslighters of Shaeeda Sween. Pic credit: TLC

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers watched Shaeeda Sween sit down with her fiance Bilal Hazziez’s mom, to get advice.

With the prenup standing in Shaeeda and Bilal’s path to marriage, Shaeeda asked Bilal’s mom Halalah what she should do in the situation to feel good about her decision.

Halalah told Shaeeda to submit to her husband and let him lead the way in order to make peace in their home.

Shaeeda agreed with Halalah’s stance and later told Bilal that she would submit to the prenup because she did not want to be the demise of their relationship.

90 Day viewers think that Bilal, who has a bad reputation with the 90 Day audience for being a gaslighter, and his mom both gaslit Shaeeda into agreeing to what she had been against.

While Bilal said he would concede to Shaeeda’s requests in the prenup, critics think that he and his mom’s approach to the situation was manipulative and problematic.

90 Day Fiance fans sounded off on Bilal Hazziez and his mom Halalah Hazziez

A popular 90 Day fan page on Instagram made a meme that featured Shaeeda giving an interview on the latest episode. She said, “And it would absolutely pain me to know that I am the demise of my relationship and I don’t want to be the demise of my relationship.”

Above that, the fan page wrote, ‘This is why gaslighting is so confusing.”

In the comments of that post, other viewers shared their thoughts on what they saw.

One person blasted, “I was like whaaaaaaat. F*****g disturbing. Now I see where Bilal learned it from.”

Another viewer with a top comment said, “[Bilal’s] mom is an enabler obviously.”

Instagram comments about Bilal Hazziez and his mom
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

Someone with a popular notion shared, “Y’all, this storyline triggers me so much, I can barely watch.”

Instagram comments about Bilal Hazziez and his mom
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

Yet another person commented, “This actually really breaks my heart. She is so mentally and emotionally abused its almost not even okay to watch.”

The post’s originator added, “it sucks watching her go through this definitely.”

Instagram comments about Bilal Hazziez and his mom
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

Shaeeda Sween wants to start her own yoga studio in the US

Shaeeda was a yoga instructor in Trinidad, and she owned and operated her own studio. She gave that up when she came to America on the K-1 visa but wanted Bilal to set her up with one in the US.

Bilal agreed to finance her studio in America and relented to letting her keep the business and its profits if they broke up.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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